Toni Kuhn



A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were taking a walk in Pine Mountain. We were enamored by the beauty of this place and each step we took made us feel more and more peaceful. As we were taking in the sights, I noticed this heart shaped rock on the ground in the front of someone’s home. I happen to collect heart shaped rocks and my first inclination was to take it home. I actually picked it up and carried it for a few moments. We began walking some more and a few minutes later we saw a deer. He was a full grown magnificent animal that took our breath away. As soon as he saw us a leaped, and I mean leaped, away. It was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw!  I began to understand that this was a sacred place and that I should respect it and put the heart rock where I found it.  It was like this rock belonged where I found it. So I took this picture of it, and put it back. I no longer felt uneasy and I actually felt completely at peace. I took this as a sign that this rock was meant to be seen by others so they too could experience it’s beauty and peace.  That’s why it was right there in front of someone’s home, in plain sight. Just like the deer was only meant to be seen for the briefest of moments. Deer sightings are extraordinary, so I feel blessed that I had the chance to cross his path and to see this amazing heart rock, all in 10 minutes. I believe the signs were telling me to appreciate all the beauty in my life and surrounding it.

Look around, what do you see? Are there things in your environment that are truly awesome and bring you peace?  The sunrise, the sunset, the ocean, or even the smiles of your friends and family.  Look around, see the the signs, and appreciate the beauty in your life.

Namaste. heart rock

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