Toni Kuhn


“I have nothing but praise for Toni and the creativity that she brings to her yoga students. Both in the group setting and in special one on one yoga lessons, Toni has the ability to teach at your specific level. Her students love the way she makes our practices flow. As Toni says, it takes years to master most everything in yoga, but with each practice you get a step closer. I truly appreciate all of the fine teaching and friendship that she gives from her heart. She is very special.” – Carl Garbus
“Toni is a natural teacher – her patience and confidence in me helped me to get over the hill in my balance poses. She is dedicated, professional with great passionate for health, exercise and life balance.” – Julie
“Being fairly new to Yoga and a little over 60, I thought it would benefit me to take some private lessons.  I wanted to learn some basic poses and how to do them correctly.  It was absolutely the best thing I could have done.  I am about to finish my first set of lessons and will sign up for another.” – Linda J.
“Besides both hips and knees replaced, arthritis, a recent shoulder surgery, and lower back problems, I also have fibromyalgia. As I have serious mobility issues, my daughter gifted me with Yoga lessons with Toni. What a difference in how my body feels and works! After I leave her sessions I feel so much more loose and limber. It’s amazing! She has been working along with my doctors and physical therapists and covering all areas of my body. I’ll never be like I was before all of these problems, but I’m sure a lot more pain free and feeling so much better! I highly recommend her!” – Linda Moss
“Toni is a very welcoming teacher that makes yoga accessible for anyone! She’s very patient and fun with her lessons. In a class with more advanced students she never makes you feel inferior and is willing to help modify poses for your situation. She made my pregnancy so much more comfortable helping me modify my poses all the way up to 39 weeks!” – Hillary N.