Toni Kuhn


Zoom Class Reviews

Toni is a fantastic instructor; be it fitness, stretching, yoga, restoratives, and/or meditations.  I met her in a gym setting many years ago, took private lessons to learn how to actually be in the yoga poses, and then took any of her classes I could.  She is intuitive, heartfelt, and her community is very important to her.  When she moved to Auburn from the SCV, she hoped she could hold online classes at some point in order to keep in touch with her SoCal community.  She has accomplished that and then some.  She always provides well thought-out workouts, wonderful music, and fun things to do as a community; e.g., Zoom parties, and breakout rooms for us to meet/chat with one another.  Zoom has been a wind-fall for me.  Not having to drive, park, and get a space in a studio; being in charge of my room temperature and cleanliness; etc. makes it all very easy for me to workout consistently.” –Cyndee (aka Bunny)

I have always belonged to a gym since I was 16 years old, and believed I couldn’t get a good workout unless I went to a gym.  When Covid forced us to rethink our daily lives, I was genuinely thankful that I could continue working out through zoom, but I was skeptical that I could get the same workout experience.  And then I got reconnected with Toni and have found her Zoom classes to be way more beneficial than when I went to the gym!  For one thing, I am exercising more often and more consistently because I no longer have to factor in preparing and traveling to and from the gym.  I control the temperature of my room, the props I want and need, and even the cleanliness of my space.  I have learned to listen to what my body needs instead of worrying about what others are doing in the class.  I feel more fit with less pain than I have ever felt in my life – what a concept!  But the most surprising thing about taking zoom classes with Toni, is that I am not missing out on the community that group classes in a gym may foster.  It’s been the opposite for me.  Toni is very accessible if you have questions or concerns, and allows time for us to just be able to chat and share before or after classes.  I’ve met people I would have never had the opportunity to meet, from different states and countries!  And where I look forward to the opportunity to meet these beautiful people in person, I feel my community has truly grown through zoom classes”.  – Courteney Dawe

“I am so very grateful for Toni and her classes on Zoom. I’m not very self-motivated as far as exercise goes. When I log on, I know I’ll get a good thorough workout and Toni never disappoints! I credit her for keeping me fit during the long pandemic. Now that the gyms are reopening I plan to continue working out with Toni because I’m hooked!”– Janet Seltzer

Toni’s zoom classes encourage, strengthen, and challenge me both physically and spiritually. With a wide range of strength and experience in our class, she never leaves anyone behind – always offering adaptations for those of us who might not be quite as experienced, physically strong, or have physical challenges. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her kindness and compassion embraces us all – making each and every one of us feel – seen – special – and loved. Toni thank you so much for creating this safe, healing, and happy community.  I really love being part of the tribe” ~ Cindy Elliott

In Person Class Reviews

“I have nothing but praise for Toni and the creativity that she brings to her yoga students. Both in the group setting and in special one on one yoga lessons, Toni has the ability to teach at your specific level. Her students love the way she makes our practices flow. As Toni says, it takes years to master most everything in yoga, but with each practice you get a step closer. I truly appreciate all of the fine teaching and friendship that she gives from her heart. She is very special.” – Dr. Carl Garbus
“Toni is a natural teacher – her patience and confidence in me helped me to get over the hill in my balance poses. She is dedicated, professional with great passionate for health, exercise and life balance.” – Julie
“Being fairly new to Yoga and a little over 60, I thought it would benefit me to take some private lessons.  I wanted to learn some basic poses and how to do them correctly.  It was absolutely the best thing I could have done.  I am about to finish my first set of lessons and will sign up for another.” – Linda J.
“Besides both hips and knees replaced, arthritis, a recent shoulder surgery, and lower back problems, I also have fibromyalgia. As I have serious mobility issues, my daughter gifted me with Yoga lessons with Toni. What a difference in how my body feels and works! After I leave her sessions I feel so much more loose and limber. It’s amazing! She has been working along with my doctors and physical therapists and covering all areas of my body. I’ll never be like I was before all of these problems, but I’m sure a lot more pain free and feeling so much better! I highly recommend her!” – Linda Moss
“Toni is a very welcoming teacher that makes yoga accessible for anyone! She’s very patient and fun with her lessons. In a class with more advanced students she never makes you feel inferior and is willing to help modify poses for your situation. She made my pregnancy so much more comfortable helping me modify my poses all the way up to 39 weeks!” – Hillary N.