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Have you been wondering what a Zoom exercise or Yoga class would look like? It seems strange at first to exercise in your home and not at a gym or studio. I get it. However, there are so many advantages to taking a class from the comfort of your home. 😀

  • You save time by not having to drive to a facility. No need to stress over parking.
  • You can have yourself seen or turn your video off. Sometimes we want a little privacy.
  • You can talk directly to me during the class or type me a private chat message.
  • You can wear anything you want- pajamas are the new workout norm!
  • You can take a break whenever you without feeling like you are disrupting the class.
  • You can do chores ( like laundry) while you are exercising! LOl!
  • You may feel more confident because there is no-one around to compare yourself to.
  • You have freedom to adapt your exercise to your needs and to what equipment you have.
  • And lastly, in my classes, I allow time to chat and socialize. Sometimes we breakout into small groups and discuss a topic. I even host Zoom party’s so we have time to chill, talk, drink wine and even play games!

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Zoom Class information

Class Schedule

** Schedule Change: No Class on Tuesday October 26, 2021**

I will be out of town so there will not be class on this day.

Tuesdays- 8:30am “Yoga Flow“- Vinyasa flow, standing poses and stretching

Thursdays- 8:30am “Balance & Core“- This is a fitness class with balance, core and strength exercises with free weights

Fridays- 9:15am “Relax & Renew” – Restore and renew your mind & body with deep stretching, breath work, relaxation and meditation

Saturdays 8:30am 30X30– 30 minutes of my fitness format of Balance & Core followed by 30 minutes of deep Yin stretching. **Please note the last Saturday of the month the class format is Yang/Yin.

Sunday November 14, 2021 @ 8:30am- Vinyasa Flow Yoga Join me for a Vinyasa Flow Yoga that will leave you feeling amazing! This class is held the 2nd Sunday of the month and is not included in the monthly package

Two options to sign up.

1. Monthly Passes– Pay $40.00 for the full month of classes.

Monthly pass includes: Access to all of my classes, inspiring emails, 2 recorded video links to classes, “friend’s free week” at the end of the every month, 1 audio meditation link and a FREE 15-minute private mini lesson with me via Zoom.

2. Drop In– Pay a $5.00 drop in rate attend any one individual class. Just click on the arrow in the payment box to see the $5.00 drop in rate option and make a note of the date you are attending class.

3. Donation based class- Scroll down to “donation” pay button.

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Please note there are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

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