Toni Kuhn

Opening Your Heart


There are days when we feel the weight of the demands from our daily lives. We work to sustain our life style and to simply exist. But sometimes, we need to take a break from the hustle to open our hearts and just breathe. Ustrasna helps to open the heart chakra. Below is an excerpt from Chantal Nammour Biz’s article from Mystera Magazine.

“Known as the Anahata Chakra, the heart chakra is the center of our bodies, located in the center of the chakra line up, in the heart area between the nipples. It is the seat of our emotions, and the midway link between the material (the three lower chakras) and spirit (higher three chakras) worlds. The health of the Heart is imperative to our quality of life and survival on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The element of Anahata is air, and just like air, it has malleable qualities that allow it to rise, expand and energize. The Ustrasana or Camel posture is one of the corresponding postures to open up, expand, and empower your heart center, allowing it to breathe and be filled with love, the greatest healer of all.”

Opening the heart chakra  can be as simple as bringing your arms above your head and lifting the chest and breathing in all that good. Exhale your stress and bring your palms to your heart. Allow yourself to experience this moment of being connected to yourself. Feel your heart expand and welcome in love and peace.



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