Toni Kuhn

Mother & Daughter


Today is my daughter Brianna’s 25th birthday and I find myself reflecting back to when my mom was alive. My mother was very close to my daughter. They shared a bond that I envied sometimes. They loved to watch football and baseball on TV, they loved to draw and I would I often find them just hanging out enjoying each other’s company. I am so glad my daughter had so many precious years with my mom, yet I feel sad that my mom never got to see her as an adult. My daughter has become an amazing, successful adult and I see so much of my mother in her. They way she laughs out loud at silly things, her undying love for football, her compassion for others, and most of all, her generous heart. I feel so much love for my daughter and I am grateful that we have a closeness that only we can share. A mother-daughter bond that holds tight, forever. Below is a picture of Bri and me, and the other is my mom and me.

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