Toni Kuhn

Saucha- Purity


During my yoga retreat last week we discussed the niyama saucha. Saucha translates to “cleanliness” or “purity” and helps us remember who we are at our core when we burn away distractions and obstacles. Thus allowing our energy to flow freely.

“As we purify ourselves from the heaviness and clutter of toxins, distractions and scatteredness, we gain clarity to meet each moment with integrity and freshness. We become more pure in our relationship with each moment”- Deborah Adele

When we clear away our clutter we begin to experience moments of supreme clarity. Moments where beauty stops us and makes us wonder. Moments when we are filled with so much overwhelming love that it brings tears to our eyes. Moments when we are completely content that we just ooze well-being from our pours. Moments when life pulses through us like an electrical current making us feel vibrant and young. Moments when our awareness is in technicolor.

Unfortunately, all of us carry “loads” that block our energy from flowing freely. These “loads” can be as complex as a past trauma or as simple as cleaning out your closet. The trick is to identify your “loads” and break free of them.

What are your loads?

Examples of loads that may be weighing you down:

  • Body carrying toxins from poor diet
  • Mind carrying the heavy baggage of victim-hood
  • Mind carrying the heavy baggage of forgiveness
  • Home & work-space full of clutter and junk

This work of clearing our clutter and letting go of our loads is a daily process. If you find yourself scattered or frazzled, take a moment to breathe and observe your surroundings. Is your area messy and full of clutter? Observe your thoughts in the moment. Are you stuck on replay of a past experience? Or are you stuck on fast forward trying to predict what’s next? Come back to the breath. Concentrate on the breath. Be in the moment breath by breath and your mind will slow down.


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