Toni Kuhn



Last week I experienced a random act of kindness
from a stranger. It moved me and reminded me that there a people in the world
that truly care about one another.

So here’s what happened….

I was leaving the grocery store and when I got to my car I realized I could
not find my cell phone. I quickly went back into the store to the checkout
counter thinking I left it there. The cashier was very helpful and called the
security to alert them and to check the video cameras to see if anyone walked
off with it. ( I did not even know they do that!) Meanwhile, I retraced my
steps and went all the way back to the deli. A woman there helped me look to
see if i dropped it and offered to call it for me. I politely said no. You see,
I realized I left my ringer off as I just came back from teaching a class. (A
bad habit of mine!) I kept searching and people stopped to help me look. I had
stepped back outside to look around and a woman stopped me.

She asked me “what are you looking for?”

I replied “my cell phone”

She replied ‘could that be it’? And pointed to underneath a car next to her.

I crouched down and looked. There was an object sitting next to the inside
of the tire. Sure enough it was my phone just sitting there face up not a
scratch or mark on it. I turned to the stranger and said ” Thank you so
much’! And hugged her!

I left the grocery store with my heart warm and a deep gratitude for all of
the people that helped me look for my phone. They were generally concerned and
did not expect anything from me for their help.


With everything going on in the world today it is important to remember our connectedness to one another. We are all people living on the same planet, sharing the same air, finding our way on this journey of life. When we can pause our hurriedness, take time to help a stranger, we are reminded of this. The simplicity that everyone has struggles and kindness can go a long way. A simple smile can change a person’s day.

As you move through your day, take a moment to contemplate what kindness means to you. Where do you see it showing up in your life? How can you express kindness to others?

The gift of kindness is priceless. 



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