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IMAG1100 IMAG1115The past couple of weeks I have had to face several fears. Three times I have had very unusual and scary road conditions on my commute. One day it was raining so hard I was submerged on the freeway all the while the emergency broadcast warning came on stating there was a flash flood warning right where I was driving. Another time there was a fire right next to the freeway where I could see the flames and the wonderful firefighters climbing straight towards the flames to battle it down. Then another time there was a terrible accident on the freeway and we were completely stopped for over an hour. These incidents made me feel so much gratitude for all of the firefighters, paramedics and policeman that help us during these catastrophes. I also absolutely love my Mini Cooper as she handled these situations with so much ease and I felt very safe driving her. ( yes, my car is female- she is strong, beautiful and can handle anything!)

Another fear I have faced is that my 12 year old cat is struggling to level out his diabetes. He will be staying at the vet’s office for several days so his amazing vet can try to figure this out. It has been a tough few weeks with the messes he left around the house. He was telling me he was sick and know that, but it still has been very hard. What is scary is my vet is having trouble figuring out what’s wrong, but she is determined to figure it out. She did her thesis on feline diabetes so I have confidence and faith she will get to the bottom of this.

Finally, another fear I faced was getting in front of the camera. I have made two yoga DVD’s that I recorded with the help of my friend Celia and my son. I recorded them up here at Ms. Fit Gym and used my own equipment. I cried after watching these videos. I suffer from poor body image and I never thought I was good enough to be in front of the camera. I am still very uncomfortable, but I am beginning to understand that it is not how I look, but what I can offer to my students in my videos. I don’t need to be a size 2 and a pretty face, I just need to be me and teach a great and safe yoga session.

So after this past week of facing some of my fears head on, I am looking forward to a relaxing day at my next yoga retreat on Saturday August 22. I still have a few spots left if you are interested in joining me for a relaxing day in the mountains filled with healing and serenity. Just click on the link below for the information.


Toni’s Serenity Retreat


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