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girls weekend retreat Aug 15-16 2014

Exactly one year ago today I took my first trip up to Pine Mountain Club. It was love at first sight and I knew the moment I arrived that this was the place my husband had been looking for. His heart has always belonged to small town living, and PMC was exactly what he wanted. I came up here for a girls weekend that my dear friend Cindy Kotler was hosting. She invited our girl’s group up for a relaxing weekend and yoga. I taught my first mini retreat that weekend to my friends and it was so fulfilling teaching in this environment.  Two weeks later I brought my husband up here and once again the Kotlers offered their hospitality. Well to no surprise my husband fell in love with PMC and we started looking for cabins to purchase that very weekend. The last house we looked at was the one we are living in now. It was featured in an open house and had already had over 50 people look at it and had three offers. The second my husband walked up the stairs he knew this was his house. We resigned ourselves to the fact that this house was sold. We went home still thinking about this house. For about a month we kept researching houses up here on-line and even went and looked at a ton more. Nothing lived up to this house. We decided that our timing was off and we created a five-year plan to move up here. Well one weekend we were coming up here again to stay with the Kotlers and on our way here we got a notification that this house fell out of escrow! That second we called our realtor and said we wanted it! Now we own it and are so happy!

So much has happened since that first day I came up here. Not only did I move up here, but I have grown in so many ways. I feel more connected to nature and the world I live in.

Here is what happened in just one year…..

1. We sold our house that we lived in for 16 years in SCV.

2. We bought this house in PMC.

3. Our son started college at UC Davis.

4. Our daughter became a college professor at San Diego State and two community colleges in SD.

5. I began hosting yoga retreats.

6. I have made yoga DVDs.

7. I teach yoga classes up here in PMC.

8. I have become a part of the PMC business community.

It is amazing what can happen in just a year. Many of my dreams and aspirations have come into light and I have faced many of my fears. I never in a million years thought I would be here living in mountains, teaching yoga, and making yoga DVDs. I feel so blessed and I happy. It’s weird to think how one weekend adventure with my friends changed my life.

We never know what future holds or how it will unfold. Sometimes we have to take a chance, trust our gut and just go for it! We have no idea how one small thing can blossom into something so full and amazing. Take a chance, take a leap and ASCEND to the future.


my first mini yoga retreat Cindy Kotler's deck 8-16-2014

my first mini yoga retreat
Cindy Kotler’s deck 8-16-2014

Kotler house

Kotler Cabin


View from our deck


our deck for yoga retreats


mountain sunset


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