Toni Kuhn

Strength: Utthita Parsvakonasana ( Extended Side Angle Pose)


Extended Side Angle Pose


This week we will be focusing on poses that give us strength. Extended Side Angle Pose is a challenging pose that not only builds leg strength but it also lengthens the side body and helps you to feel grounded. As you practice this pose, let go of any irritation and allow yourself to open up to the pose.

Here are some teaching tips:

  • Begin in warrior two, with your right knee bent.
  • Have a yoga block handy if the floor seems far away.
  • Make sure your feet are lined up right heel to back arch.
  • Align the right knee over your ankle an in line with your second and third toes.
  • Draw your right hip down as your left thigh presses straight back.
  • Reach your right arm towards the right side and then place your hand on the floor or the block, behind your right leg.
  • Extend your left arm over head and look up.
  • Hold 5 breaths.
  • Repeat on left side.

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