Toni Kuhn

Past Experiences


heart on the sea Today is my mother’s birthday. I find myself reflecting back on her life. Could I have been a better daughter? Was she happy? Did I tell her I loved her enough? My mother passed away 9 years ago. She had a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am so grateful that I was able to take of her and learn so much from her doctor’s and physical therapists. As I struggle with my own arthritic issues, I realize that sharing in her experience, I am able to pass my knowledge on to my students. I am continually learning new ways to ease pain and gain more functionality. I am now learning from my own doctor’s and physical therapists and I combine this knowledge with my yoga training.  I would like to believe that I helped my mom in every way possible, and that she knew how much I loved her. Today, she guides me to help my students.  I truly believe that our past experiences shape who we are today .

Thank you mom for giving me a lifetime of knowledge and compassion.

Happy Birthday mom, I love you!


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