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Mother’s Day 2015- A Dedication To My Kids


Hawaii 1/2014

This Year for Mother’s day I want to thank my two beautiful children for being the best kids a mom could ask for. The years have gone by so fast and now both of you are fine young adults. Instead of missing your youth, I find myself enjoying your young adulthood.

Brianna, my sweet little baby girl, you have grown into such a beautiful, smart, kind, generous, and compassionate young woman. I am so proud of your accomplishments in your career and relationship with Jordan. You are an amazing college professor and a wonderful girlfriend to Jordan. Your love for learning, dedication to teaching, and compassion for people shows in everything you do.

Brian, my sweet little boy, you have grown into such a well adjusted, smart, handsome, and kind young man. You are an amazing musician and I am so proud of how well you handled your first year of college. You and Gabby survived your first year apart and you both handled your long distant relationship very well. It makes me proud to know you are a stand up guy and a very genuine person.

I want you both to know how much I love you and I am looking forward to enjoying your adulthood with you. Thank you both for being the best kids a mom could ask for. I love you both.

Happy Mother’s day to me!


Bri and Brianna our old house just being built 7/1998


Bri and Brian last time at old house 11/2014


Bri and Brian Christmas party 2013


Me, Bri and Brian Christmas 1998


Me, Bri and Brian Ventura beach 2012


me and Brian soccer team party 2001


Me and Brian UC Davis orientation 2014


Me and Brianna her 3rd birthday 1992


Me and Brianna 2013 Birthday dinner


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