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Basic Needs For Happiness- Part 1

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This week we began to study the “9 Basic Needs We Have to Meet to Feel Happy and Alive” By Sara MaudeThe first in this series discusses our need for attention. Our need to be seen, recognized and to connect with others is vital to our happiness. In observing my own need for attention, I realized that my husband constantly reaches out to me to show me he sees me and values me. I usually go to sleep before him and every night before bed he comes in to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. This is his way of giving me attention and taking special care of me. In turn, I feel cherished, loved and important. I do not take this for granted. I know that his gesture is something to be valued. I make sure to take notice of him and give him attention from me. A spontaneous hug during the day is a wonderful way to take notice of someone special in your life.

Everyone needs attention in one or another to feel happy. The key here, is POSITIVE attention. Kinds words, loving gestures and smiles go along way! Additionally, we must give ourselves the same kind of attention. Nurture and nourish ourselves so that we are able give attention and be able to receive it. Put the oxygen mask on yourself and then attend to others. This is as easy as spending a few minutes alone to recharge, take a yoga or fitness class, or meditating. Even just pausing during the day to observe your breath is a wonderful tool to nurture yourself.


The dictionary  defines Attention as:

  1. Notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important. (Awareness, notice, observation, heed, regard, scrutiny, surveillance.
  2. The action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something. (Consideration, contemplation, deliberation, thought, study)

Here is Part one of the article.

1. The need for attention

We need quality attention from the people in our lives. More and more people in the world live alone. Unless your needs are being met elsewhere, a lack of attention can lead to low self-esteem, feelings of loneliness, and a lack of connection.

Join a meet up group, do an evening course, join a fitness group—anything that gets you out there and talking to like-minded people.

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