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Accept Yourself/ Almond Milk Recipe


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I was watching Conan this week he and mentioned that a rare white giraffe was found in Kenya. I had to check this out! When I found the article on line and saw her picture, I immediately felt a kinship with this unusual animal. As she stood out in the heard,  she looked even more regal than traditionally colored giraffes. I began to wonder if she knew how different she was? I mean,  do the other giraffes tell her how different she is?

I have always felt that I stand out among my fellow yoga teachers. I am larger than most of my colleagues and much more curvy. I am not fat, but I do not look thin like they do.  I always feel insecure when I am around them. This mostly stems from my being anorexic during my teenage/early 20 years, and a life long battle of poor body image. Additionally, I have always felt like an impostor as a yoga teacher. This is greatly due to just one colleague (about 8 years ago) telling me I was not a “real yoga teacher” because I had different training. Then,  just a year ago,  I had another colleague tell me that I was not a very “spiritual” teacher. I admit, these two comments still plague my mind,  but I am learning to accept myself. I am learning to accept myself as a unique person. I am learning that my style of yoga teaching resonates with certain people and that I am spiritual teacher in my own way. I am learning to stay true to myself and to continue to teach from my heart.

As I continue to look at this gorgeous white giraffe, I am reminded that I cannot change my physical appearance, and I must learn to coexist in a world where I tend to stand out.

Here is what I have been doing to accept my self.

  • I practice mindfulness
  • I watch my inner monologues
  • I let go of self criticism
  •  I continually study and grow as a yoga teacher.
  • My mantra is ” I accept my body’s size and limitations”
  • I let go of the things that do not serve me ( this is hard, but awareness is the first step)

” Embrace and love your body, it’s the most amazing thing you will ever own”

“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.” ~ Buddha

We must all accept ourselves in all our beauty, all our glory, and all our imperfections. Allow yourself to stand out, be proud, be the white giraffe in your community.


P.S. here is my almond milk recipe. It is easy to make and yummy! It is vegan, gluten free, and preservative free. Enjoy!

Vanilla Almond Milk

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