Toni Kuhn

Flying Pigeon


SchlickArt - Photography By Lindsay Schlick

Flying Pigeon

Many times we look at a pose like this one and we feel discouraged. It took me several years to be able to get into the pose and I am still working on my form. Yoga is a constant work in progress, and can sometimes make us feel unsuccessful. Instead of feeling jealous of someone who can do a pose you have yet to accomplish, try to feel joy for their ability and release your inner green monster. Once you let go of the heaviness of jealousy, you will be left feeling lighter and more open to the pose. Thus, finding yourself getting closer to your goal. We see this kind of thing everyday off of our mats. Perhaps someone got a promotion instead of you, or your child has not been recognized for their accomplishments, or someone has a bigger house or car than you, or you feel someone is prettier or thinner. Instead of feeling envious of this person, feel happy for them and you will notice this heavy burden of jealousy is released. Once that happens, you have room in your life for positive things to come your way. If you have trouble letting go of it, try meditating on it. A simple repetition of “I am truly happy for this person” can help you find your way.

Find your way to feeling lighter and happier and you will see success on and off your mat.


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