Toni Kuhn

A New Day


A New Day

A New Day

A friend of mine shared this picture she took one morning while walking her dog. She captured such a beautiful moment that morning.   Sometimes if  we pause long enough and look around, we will notice all of the beautiful things around us. Take time today to look around, and feel gratitude for all the beauty in the world.  Additionally, as you move through your day take a moment to honor your body and it’s ability to meet the demands you put on it. Whether it is doing chores, walking, running, cycling, or yoga, your body enables you to do these things.

“‘Be grateful for your ability to move your body, in whatever way you can.  Whether you can walk or run, whether you have use of your entire body or part of it, be amazed at the complex series of events that need to occur in your body and brain to cause that motion. Enjoy moving your body today. Take time to honor and experience all it can do.”- Sherrie Austin []



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