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My Pandemic Lessons


Today is May 1, 2020 and we have had a “Stay at Home” order for about 6 weeks. This nationwide protocol is to flatten the curve of the COVID19 virus and it appears to be working. Our COVID19 numbers are lowering and we are seeing less and less new cases. However, as we understand the importance of this social distancing, it still has had a profound effect on us. Our lives are forever changed and the way we go about our daily routines will never be the same.  So, to lighten the mood and maybe make you smile or chuckle, I have created a list of things I have learned during this pandemic.

I discovered I have a deep love and respect for my manicurist. After leaving the toe nail polish on for as long as I possibly could, I made the leap to repaint my toes nails. I picked out a vibrant sexy red and, in my mind, I had all these images on how amazing my toes would look in this color. Well, that did not work out! My toes ended up looking like someone butchered them! I had red polish all over my toes, my hands and my shirt! (I have no idea how it got there!) How on earth does she get the polish on so perfect?

I realized I can let my hair go in its natural state without the world coming to an end! I have very curly hair of which I have been straightening since the 6th grade.  It actually has been very liberating to not have to worry about keeping it straight. But, I think my flat iron is feeling confused and neglected. I left her without even saying good bye!

I have learned how to be a Competitive Shopper and have really honed in on some new skills.

  • Gearing up- I have mastered the art of putting a mask and gloves on with lightening speed.
  • Navigation- I am still learning how to follow the arrows in the stores. Each store has their own map and I usually find myself going down the isles the wrong way! I will continue to practice this. Additionally, at some stores you can bring your own bags in and others say no. So I just put my gear on, move quickly into the store and grab what I can hold. (Shopping carts scare me!)
  • Strategizing- This is still a challenge, but I am getting better at it. Deciding which store to go to first, at what time and how to get in and out fast. I no longer look at prices (gone are the days of bargain shopping), I just grab and go! My husband and I will work out a plan of who runs to which isle with our mini list and then we regroup at the front of the store. There is a lot of excitement and high fiving (we can do this because we live together) when we find the items on our lists!
  • I have learned to live without Costco. I am not even sure if I will be taking them back. They deserted me in my time of need. I now buy my paper towels at the grocery store for triple the price. But, I feel good about myself. I am not at home pining away for my past relationship with Costco. I am a survivor! I have moved on.
  • I can live without 2 day Amazon Prime shipping– I have learned that I do not need my items in 2 days. I can control my impulse shopping. I mean waiting 3-4 weeks for a new door mat gives me the time and space to decide if I really need it. I can ask myself the hard question- “Do I really need this?”

During this time of crisis we must learn to adapt and make the most of our situation. Try and find the humor in our new life style and practice patience as we continue to learn how to navigate our new way of living. The whole world is struggling to adapt and it is okay to laugh along the way. I mean, we are literally making history, why not smile a little? We will all survive this and come out stronger. Remember to take a step back when it gets overwhelming and perhaps find the humor in what is causing you stress.

Here is a little gift to you that I hope makes you smile. Click here for a FREE Yoga Flow class. Courtesy of CACfit Gym in Auburn. Enjoy!



  1. Toni, Thank you for being a LIGHT for the community! Teaching my 6 yr old grandson to read is quite a feat. He has the concentration of a gnat and the sense of humor like his father. Wonder how many times he will end up in principals office for being class clown. We’re holding him BACK this year. I am doing PIYO to build muscles and using old yoga tape, plus, my fav…..dancing to music. Gardening ev other day. Not feeding neg thoughts so they will die. Groving on all the positive moment by moment happenigs in the garden and wherever I find them. Thanks for lesson.. I’ll do morrow.
    LIGHT and LOVE to YOU!!!

  2. I always enjoy your uplifting messages. Love the yoga Snoopy! I need to take a cacfit class but since they are scheduled at specific times etc. I have been using a utube aerobic workout. Only 20 minutes but gets my heart rate up. Plus walks to Greenwood Lake with the dogs. I miss my hour classes at the gym. I am not in the shape I had hoped to be in now. It would be fun to take your class. Not much room in our computer room/sewing room but maybe can make it work. Behind the times with no laptop here.
    Stay well and healthy and glad you are learning to love your curly locks! My granddaughter has curly hair and my hairdresser who is also a curly girl says it is delicate and needs moisture but not to wash more than every 3 days (too drying) but moisturizer is essential. But you probably know this already.
    Light and love to you as well!!

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