Toni Kuhn

The Gift of Time


With our recent global situation of Social Distancing I have become increasingly aware of my time. The first week I was busy organizing my Live Stream yoga classes, getting food supplies, getting my nutritional supplements, and getting my own workouts in. After I got everything set up I took a moment to pause and reflect on the situation.

No longer do I have to rush from one place to the next. No longer do I have be in my car so much. No longer do I wish I had time for a workout, to read a book or to take a long bath.

I took notice of what was really happening. I no longer felt rushed. I no longer felt the pressure to get everything done in one day. I began to feel my life expanding. I noticed that although this is a trying time and how different my daily life has become, I have been given an incredible gift.

The Gift Of Time.

We have all been given this gift.

So much time has been given back to us. All that time on the road is non-existent, and for some us, we are not spending more than half of our day at work. We are creatures who are slaves to our schedules and demands. So what do we do when that is all taken away? What do we do with all this time?

We take a moment to pause. To breathe and expand ourselves in this space. To understand that this is a gift that will only be here for a little while. We have been given the time to spend with our family, to talk on the phone to our friends, to take up a hobby, to clean out our closets, to get those house projects done, to exercise, to cook, to sleep, to meditate, to journal and so much more.

What will you do with this precious gift?

We must shift our way of thinking away from what has been taken away from us and instead, embrace this gift of time.



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