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Wellness Retreat


Toni-5_WebTomorrow I leave to go on a Wellness Retreat with my dear friend Kirsti. We are headed up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate her last chemo treatment. She has had great improvement and we are excited to get away to rejuvenate. Both of us could use some much needed rest and relaxation. I am so excited to share this trip with her!

Sometimes we just need a few moments to sit and breathe. Let our minds catch up with our busy life style. Bringing awareness to your breath and your surroundings can have profound healing effects. This mindful breathing and  stillness brings clarity to the mind.  Problems are often resolved, feelings are smoothed, and a general sense of peace occurs. Try sitting and evening out your breath. Count to four on the inhale and count to four on the exhale. Pause. Do this for two more cycles of breath. Then just sit a moment or two more with an even, effortless breath. Notice the clarity of your mind and the love in your heart. Embrace the sense of ease, comfort, and peace.

“If you have your attention on what is, you will see the fullness in every moment. You will discover the dance of the divine in every leaf, in every petal, in every blade of grass, in every rainbow, in every rushing stream, and in every breath of every living being.”

~Deepak Chopra



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