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As you can see my webpage is back up. I have straightened out the problem with my domain name! It has been an interesting week for me with utilizing all the technology around me.  The company that I purchased my domain from name never sent me a bill for my annual domain name fee. What I find strange is that why didn’t they call me or send me a message through my webpage? Instead, because my email has changed, they just shut down my domain name! This is so strange to me. A phone call to remind me that I it was time to renew would have been so helpful.

Another strange tech thing that has happened is that I have experienced my cell phone struggling to process many texts and then having what appears to be scam coming through on my phone. My husband and daughter have been getting these weird text messages too. When I tried to see where this text came from it said I would be charged a data fee to read it. Needless to say, I did not read it and I am not responding to it. The scary thing is, is that they mentioned my daughter’s name in the original text!

Then, I woke to a hurtful  Facebook note from someone I do not know and who appears to live out of the State.  The message came to me in an email notification from Facebook. I am not friends with this person on Facebook, nor do I have a friend request from her.  I cannot look at the post because we are not FB friends. So weird…..

I am finding that it gets increasingly harder to communicate through technology and that there are many misunderstandings that result from this kind of communication. I miss the old days when you would pick up a phone and actually speak to someone! I will say that being able to communicate via text, email and Facebook does indeed help us talk to a lot of people at once and very convenient to communicate with people. However, I have recently had many miscommunications, misconceptions, bad costumer service, through this technology. I think a phone call would have definitely helped in these situations.

I actually find myself hesitating to call someone because I feel like I am bothering them. Why is a text less intrusive?

I have also found it difficult to call customer service and that most companies only respond to email request now. Crazy! Why is calling a company so draining and difficult? Yesterday, I had a phone message from a company that I was ordering continuing education material from. The phone message was completely unintelligible! The person actually mumbled and spoke fast on the message. However, when I checked my email I found a very clear message explaining the problem with my order!  Ironically, I had to call them back in order to straighten it out because it could not be fixed via email!

Technology does make our lives easier and I am very grateful for it. Right now I am using it to blog about my troubles with it. I just find that sometimes it can interfere with actual human contact and conversations. Thus,  resulting in misunderstandings, frustrations, and sometimes even pain.  Perhaps the answer is to utilize both technology and actual human communication. Especially, when something appears to spiraling in a bad direction.

So if you ever want to have a conversation, I welcome your phone call!

I feel better getting this off my chest. Now for some yoga and interaction with people! Here are some pictures from last Saturday’s yoga retreat. We had such  a beautiful day filled with yoga and human interaction.



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