Toni Kuhn

Snow and Rainbows = Happiness


toni snow

This is behind my house. I got to wear my snow boots and winter jacket!

I experienced the most beautiful drive home yesterday.  It started out sunny and then when I got close enough to see the mountains I could see how low the snow fell. Then I could literally see the dark clouds ahead of me, it looked like a line had been drawn on the road. I saw a rainbow off to the right just over the hill that has the cross underneath it. ( I kid you not, it felt like a religious experience!) I looked ahead at the car in front of me and I could his car was lit up with colors. It took me a moment to realize the colors were coming from the rainbow. Then before I knew it, I was driving through the rainbow! My car was lit up in all the colors and I could see the rainbow on the road in front of me. I started to giggle and cry at the same time! It was so surreal to be driving through a rainbow. I hit some rain and hail and then it was clear by the time I  got off the freeway. As I am cruising along through the mountain roads I began to see how much snow actually fell. Everything was covered in white! It was a breathtaking drive and as I got higher up I saw more and more snow. Tears streamed down my face as I could not believe that I actually live here! When I pulled up to the house I was so excited to see our little winter wonderland. I opened the garage and my husband was waiting for me. I parked and flung open the door and ran to his arms. More tears ran down my face and I could barely speak. He asked what was wrong and all I could say was “It’s so beautiful”.

I am not sure why I had so an emotional response to this rainbow and the snow.  I was completely moved by it. I thought about my husband , my kids, my friends, my student’s and my mom. I felt so much gratitude for the life I have and my home. I guess I was so overwhelmed with joy that it consumed me. I definitely had an amazing experience and the one person I wanted to see right when I got home was standing there waiting for me with open arms. At that moment I knew how very blessed I was and I my heart swelled so much I thought it would burst!

There has been so much tragedy all around us. The news is filled with the horrible things happening all over the globe and right in our own neighborhoods. As we pause and send healing thoughts to those who have suffered, we must also pause to feel gratitude for all of the good things in our own lives. I hope that this season brings you moment like the one I had. A moment where time stands still , and you really see all the blessings around you.

Kuhn snow

The driveway

candy cane snowJPG

winter wonderland

Bugs Bunny snow

The driveway leading to the steps




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