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I have been working on learning how to receive without guilt and to enjoy the generosity/sincerity of others. So many times I find myself speechless and humbled by the kind words and actions of my students. I am so happy that I am able to touch peoples life in such a positive way, yet I still feel inadequate at times. My mind shuffles through thoughts of “I am just doing my job””, or “I am just a yoga a teacher”,   and even ” Am I worthy of such gratitude and grace?” Recently a student posted a note on my website that stirred these thoughts again. Only this time, I stopped the shuffling and simply enjoyed her words. I let myself be open to them. And you know what? My heart swelled, my self doubt lessened, and I let myself receive her sincerity.

During the next few weeks, as you are busy preparing for the holidays, pause a moment and make sure your actions are sincere. Are you doing all of these things out of obligation or because you genuinely want to? And then, notice if you are receiving someone else’s sincerity with an openness and taking the time to truly appreciate their efforts. Try not to let the busyness of the holidays take away from the purity of what we give to each other.
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