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There is something very satisfying about remodeling our homes. Even the smallest of changes can make our homes feel refreshed, shiny and bright. From new linens to paint, home improvements can help us to feel more content in our living space.

We have been busy the last few months remodeling our house. We mostly painted, but this required removing the wall paper and then dry-walling/texturing the walls. This project turned out to be a lot more work than we thought, but well worth it! This house was very dated with the interior colors being brown and 3 different shades of orange. But after a lot of hard work we finally got the dingy colors out. My husband Doug did all of the interior painting, including all of the trim. However, we hired out a guy to paint our kitchen cabinets, but we had to remove all of the shelf paper. Take a look !

This project of remodeling our house got me thinking about how we remodel ourselves. A new outfit, a new hair color, a new hair cut, a new workout routine to improve our physical self and even a new meditation practice to improve our spiritual self. These small improvements of ourselves help us to feel more content in our lives. How many times have you gotten a new hair style you loved and you felt like you could take on the world? How about the awesome outfit that made you feel sophisticated and in control of your life? What about that great yoga class that left you feeling completely blissed out and happy? These things may seem trivial in the scheme of life, but they help us to feel more content with our own being. Just like having our living spaces look nice helps us to feel content in our homes, feeling comfortable in our own being makes us feel happier and satisfied with our lives.

Taking the time for self improvement is a great pathway to contentment. And when we are content in our own being we are able to have better relationships. I know that when I do not feel content with myself I struggle with my relationships with others. I tend to worry about their opinions about me and then my mind begins to make up stories and scenarios. This all comes from being insecure. But when I take the time for self improvement I become more content with myself and my mind stops making up imaginary stories about my relationships. All of my insecurities dissipate. Have you ever stopped working out and just felt nasty and mean tempered? Or gotten a bad hair cut and felt like everyone was staring at you? On the flip side, have you ever stayed with your exercise routine and felt pride in yourself? Or started taking yoga/meditation and felt more peaceful and happier? Working out and meditation are forms of self improvement that help us feel better about ourselves thus improving our relationships.

Self improvement is not about being superficial- it is about taking care of the things you have and giving them a little remodel. Your remodel could be exterior like a new hair color , or internal like being more compassionate. Maybe you just need more down time so you can reconnect to yourself. I bet you can think of a few little things that you can improve on that would help you to feel more content.

So go ahead, remodel! You know you want to do it! With a little hard work and determination you can be the best version of yourself. That confident and happy person that shines bright.



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