Toni Kuhn




This week in my yoga classes we talked about finding time to play. As children we would run to the playground and swing on the swings, climb the monkey bars, dig in the sand, and slide down the slides. Our minds would be completely engrossed in our play time and bodies would buzz with energy and vigor. I remember this time as pure joy and my only sadness came when it was time go home.

We need to find our adult playgrounds- the place that consumes our attention and brings us happiness without regrets or guilt. Somewhere where we can let go of our responsibilities for a little while and find our inner child. The one inside of us who laughs out loud and dances like no one is watching.

Perhaps your playtime is a bike ride, a run, a hike, a yoga class , or a yoga retreat. Whatever it is, do it for the the fun of it!

Here is an article on 8 ways to reclaim joy. Use the link below to read the article.

Have a happy day!


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