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New Yoga DVD, Yoga Retreat Update & Gluten Free Bread Recipe


pmc village

This is a picture of our village after the snow storm yesterday. I feel so blessed to live in a postcard! This Saturday’s Yoga Retreat is going to be absolutely breathe taking! My retreats are selling out fast, so if you are thinking of attending one,  contact me right away. Below is an updated schedule. Please note that March and May are sold out. The best way to reach me me is by email at

Schedule March-July

Additionally, I have finished Yoga DVD # 4. This DVD has a softer approach to yoga and is designed to relax and rejuvenate you. All of the poses are done on the floor and the sequence includes breath work, stretching, relaxation and meditation. A great DVD to add to your collection to help relieve stress and stretch out your body. Contact me via email or in class to get a copy. They are $5.00 each and I can mail you a copy for an extra $3.00 shipping and handling fee .

Lastly, I have found an easy gluten free, yeast free bread recipe. I use Egg Re-placer instead of eggs to make it vegan. And guess what? This bread is delicious toasted with peanut butter , jelly or vegan butter! I was so surprised that this recipe even worked in higher altitudes. Yummy! Enjoy!

yeast free bread


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