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My Yin Experience


event_163610532I have completed my Yin Yoga teacher training and I feel as if a door has been opened that invites me to be more creative in my teaching. Yin Yoga is a very genuine way to practice and allows the student to become the teacher. The student is encouraged to explore the Yin Yoga poses without any boundaries or borders. To bring the pose into their body without the stress of looking a certain way or performing the pose.

I can honestly say that my life has changed with this practice. I feel so liberated and safe in this practice. Judgement, stereotypes, body types, fitness level and age cease to exist in Yin Yoga. In a Yin class, each of us is given the freedom to explore the poses in our own body , to make any adjustments and to let go that part of our ego that compares us to others. Yes, this concept is taught in all other styles of yoga, it is just easier to actually do it in a Yin class.  I find that I simply feel safe, grounded and content; as if my mind can finally let go of all the chatter that keeps me from being my authentic self.

Yin Yoga is a class designed to hold poses anywhere from one to five minutes. The poses are done on the floor and props are encouraged to help the student relax in the pose. The poses are stretches that are designed to get deep into the body and to help the student find a quiet place of stillness. It is in holding the body still that the muscles relax enough so that gravity becomes the resistance. We surrender and use gravity to melt us into the poses. The result is a soft, luscious feeling in the body and a relaxed, calm mind.

If you are interested in trying a Yin class click on the link for my schedule and see where I am teaching it. I would love to see you in a class! It is truly a Yinlicious experience!




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