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My Food Relationship & Patience


As I continue on my journey to heal my body, I find that I am learning so much about food and it’s relationship to the body. I recently had a little set back and had an allergic reaction to apples. My mouth and tongue swelled, my throat was sore and hoarse, and my sinuses hurt. I just got apples reintroduced now for about a month and it was an easy food for me to have when I am working. I think my reaction was due to a series of events, but for now, they are off the table.

This reaction really brought my spirits down. I thought I was well on my way to healing. I also found out that I will be on this restricted food protocol for at least 3 more months. After shedding a few tears, and still mourning my long lost relationship with coffee, I was able to regroup and get myself together. You see my husband reminded me that my gut has been unhealthy for most of my life and I have only been on this healing protocol for about 7 months. He opened my eyes to what was so obvious. I need to be more patient with my progress. Sounds so simple when he says it! LOL!

So how do I have patience with my body during this healing process and my relationship with food? How do all of us have patience with things we do in life?

The dictionary describes patience as”  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.“. This definition has become my mantra. I cannot change the process I am going through, and being upset only makes the situation worse.  I find comfort and solace with this situation by sharing what I am learning. I am hosting nutrition workshops to share what I have learned about food and it’s relationship to the body. I hope to help as many people as I can take control of their health through food. I have discovered that there are many people struggling with their relationship to food and I am learning even more by hearing their stories. I realize I am not alone and that there is comfort in sharing our experiences. Wow, that sounds like an AA meeting! Maybe there is something to that. I mean gut health is a journey, it doesn’t happen over night, there are steps to take, and a support group can go along way in the healing process. When I look at it this way, I feel more confident that I can continue this journey. I have an amazing support network with my husband leading the pack. I can do this with patience, acceptance and compassion for myself.

Four Steps to Patience     by- Jane Bolton Psy.D., M.F.T., Psychology today

 1.” Understand the addictive nature of anger irritation, outrage.  So the first step in growing patience is to get in touch with the addictive quality of the opposite of patience- anger, irritation, blaming, shaming. Usually it starts with a slight discomfort and tensing in the stomach area that goes along with the interpretation that things are not going our way. Then the storyline of thoughts appear.”

2.” Upgrading our attitude towards discomfort and pain.  Pain has its purposes. It pushes us to find solutions.”

3. “Paying attention when the irritation/pain starts. Focusing on what’s actually happening inside you, you can notice the dread of not wanting what’s happening, the resistance.”

4. ” Self talk. The main thing here is to just stop the story. And as we get more and more practice attending to that vulnerability inside without fueling it with our story about how wrong it all is, how wrong they are, how wrong we are, the feeling can pass through in mere seconds.”

If you are interested in joining my Food Support Group, come to one of nutrition workshops. I have a workshop coming up on May 5th. We will be discussing nutrition for weight management and how food sensitivities can cause inflammation and weight gain. I have been working hard to decrease the inflammation in my body and I have lost 14 pounds without effort. Now I am working on maintaining my current weight.( I actually do not want to lose or gain.) For more information click on this flier. 

Wishing you success and patience in all of your journeys.


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