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My birthday

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Today is keep-calm-i-m-blessed-its-my-birthday-lovin-lifemy 46th birthday!  Birthdays are not about presents and cake- although who does not enjoy both! It is about taking a moment and celebrating life, love & happiness! The most precious things I have received are the sincere, loving birthday wishes from so many wonderful people. Your words have touched my heart and mean so much to me. As I am taking a moment to reflect on all that is wonderful in my life I realize how rich I am in love, friendships, family, and yoga/fitness students.

I am grateful for …….

My loving, supportive, amazing husband.

My beautiful, smart, compassionate children ( young adults actually!).

My supportive, thoughtful friends.

My great family.

My dedicated yoga/fitness students.

My beautiful mountain home.

My job. I get to teach yoga and fitness to so many different people. I have developed friendships and loving relationships. I feel so honored to be able to share my knowledge with others and to have the opportunity to learn from them too.

My mother and the time I had with her. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She is why I am here today and she is the reason I try to help people. I learned so much from her and she always loved unconditionally and with her whole heart.

My sustainability. I am so grateful that I have enough food, clothing, shelter, and that I live a comfortable life. I work hard, and I know I have earned it, but at the same time I am grateful to have it. So many people have come upon circumstances beyond there control and have lost everything. I feel blessed.

Happy Birthday to me!

Come celebrate life and happiness with one of my yoga retreats. I have one spot left for July 25 and I just started taking reservations for Aug 22.

Toni’s Independence Retreat Toni’s Serenity Retreat

Toni’s Serenity Retreat



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