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dali lama 2This week in my classes we have been discussing ways to live a life in kindness. We must start this philosophy in our own mind and heart. Simply by observing our thoughts and stop the self-sabotaging recordings in our mind. Another step toward self kindness is “greedlessness” or contentment. This means we must learn to be content with what have and who we are without needing more. Accepting ourselves with all of our imperfections and limitations.  I struggle with this because of the  limitations  I have in my yoga practice due to my arthritis. I also struggle with poor body image and suffer with self- sabotaging thoughts about the size of my body.  I just try to accept to myself everyday and attempt to filter my negative thoughts. It is not easy, and I struggle every day, but awareness the first step. We are continually growing and evolving everyday. I am not the same person I was yesterday and I will not be the same person tomorrow.  I take it one day at a time and work at being kind to myself. It is very easy for me to be kind to others, and it brings me such much joy!  I am now working on finding joy in being kind to myself.

After our “kindness” yoga class at Yoga Works yesterday, we came out to the lobby and some students were getting a cup of tea. We saw this quote on the tea pot  from the box of tea that the greeter made. “Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy.” We just stood there in awe! She had no idea about our kindness yoga practice. Perhaps if more people in the world tuned into kindness there would be more peace. The first step is to be kind to ourselves and the rest will unfold naturally.

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