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Goodbye 2020


2020 was a hard year for all of us! It was seriously just a cluster F*** of events! For example, today I was in a groove getting my end of the year cleaning done. I was really in the zone going from task to task. Then I decided to wash my favorite white bathrobe, you know, finally get those coffee stains out! So I toss it in with some other clothes that have been washed before. Why is this important? Because somehow my pure white bathrobe came out of the wash tinted blue! Yep! So I rewashed it hoping it would be white again. Nope! Still tinted blue! Then I got side tracked when I was making my lunch and burned my vegi’s. I said “F*** it!” and ate them anyway!

This about sums up how 2020 went! Lol!

As we close out this year I find myself shaking my head at the craziness that has happened this year. You are well aware of all the trauma we have faced so no need to rehash it out. So instead I would like to end this year on a more positive note and share the great things that happened to me this year.

My list of great things in 2020

Planning my daughter’s wedding– we got a lot of the planning done. We have the vendors in place, wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flowers picked out and a place reserved for the wedding to party to stay at.

I finally got a spin bike! I absolutely love having my own spin bike. I can play any music I want and as loud as I want! I noticed lately I love exercising to club music with strong beats and some bad words! What can I say? This is how I let some steam off! I am sure Doug is relieved I use my Bluetooth headset when I work out!

I am so grateful for the Zoom platform. I am able to teach live classes on line and I have reconnected with so many people. I call my Zoom studio “Toni’s Pad”- get it? Because I am teaching from home (my pad)! We have been able to bridge the social distancing gap, make new friends, laugh, sing, cry and we have become a family.  I love teaching from home!

Zoom has also been a great way to “visit” with our kids. We did not have any in person family get togethers for the holidays. Instead, we celebrated via Zoom playing Yahtzee, laughing, having a drink, having dessert and enjoying long conversations. In some ways I felt closer to my kids because we all made the extra effort to make it work.

I was hired at CACfit at the beginning of this year. Many students from the other gym I worked at joined me over here too. Then Covid hit and the gym had to close just after 2 months of working here. But, I was already teaching on Zoom and I was able to keep my classes at the gym via Zoom! I am still teaching my classes on line and I love my gym family!

I feel like I have been given the gift of time. I have been thinking about how much time I spent driving from place to place. Now my biggest trips are to the grocery store that is 5 minutes away! Sometimes we drive about 35 minutes into Roseville to see Kirsti and hit Costco, Sprouts and Whole Foods. So now I spend my time teaching class, spinning, cooking and relaxing.  I have loved spending more time with Doug and so far we still like each other! Lol!

And finally, thank goodness for streaming TV! Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV have been life savers! Doug and have had a lot fun binge watching shows and movies! I know you have too. It is a great way to zone out and step out of the craziness that we cannot control.

Now, take a moment and think about some of the great things that happened this year for you. And, then take a moment to reflect on the bad things- and let them go! Tomorrow is a brand new day, a brand new year! Let’s start 2021 with an open mind, a heart full of love and a peaceful soul.

I wish you and your family a very healthy and Happy New Year!

Love and light!


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