Toni Kuhn

Contentment At The Core


Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha

Your core is the central location for emotions such as stress,  anger, fear, sadness, and anxiety. The next time you experience these feelings, pay attention to how your stomach feels. Explore your reactions and ask yourself this question – “Do I need this in my life”?  Clearing out things that we do not want in our lives opens us up to more joy and peace. Imagine how you would feel if you simply let go of that emotional baggage.

Additionally, your core holds emotions such as  peace, joy, pleasure, and our intuitions.

Buddha has a nice round belly and a smile. You can see that he is content and happy. So get rid of your need for a six-pack core, and embrace your core, take care of it and open up space for abundance.

“There is no end to craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment.” –  Swami Sivananda



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