Toni Kuhn

Bending For Strength


lightning TreeGraphic_webA tree is only as strong as its ability to bend. It must be able to give  a little when nature pushes against it.  A tree continues to grow upward during the times it is weighted down with snow, rain and wind. After a storm it actually comes out taller, stronger and more beautiful. We can take the nature of trees and apply it to our own lives. Each of us had a storm of one kind or another in our lives. From the most extreme like a death/illness in the family, to a drizzle like an argument with a friend. Of course, there are the heavy rains of dramas in-between those two. If you can allow yourself to bend with these situations, and perhaps let go of the need control it or to always be right,  you will grow from the experience. Perhaps  afterwards, you come out more knowledgeable, more aware, more truthful, and more compassionate to yourself and others. In essence, each storm we face makes us a better person.

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