Toni Kuhn

Arthritis Workshop


Arthritis Flyer

I am teaching this Workshop at Yoga Works in Valencia on Saturday February 2, 2013. To sign up you can visit or call (313) 664-6470 X 125.

This workshop will help you utilize yoga if you are recovering from an injury, or have arthritis. My goal is to help you understand how to modify your yoga practice with the use of props so that you can continue your practice safely. Many times when we have joint pain we tend to shy away from exercise. I will help you to understand the difference between pain and discomfort and how to work within your limitations. This workshop is  just the beginning.  The tools I give you will help you to continue to find ways to mold your yoga to your body,  and hopefully, it will give you the confidence to take a class without the fear of pain. We are all very different, and it takes time and patience to find what works for us. Through my own arthritic experience , I have learned how to adapt yoga to my body so that I can continue to enjoy this very healing practice.



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