Toni Kuhn

Arm Balances




Sometimes we hold ourselves back out of fear and our own insecurities. Arm balances are very challenging and tend to bring up these emotions. This week we will be focusing on arm balancing poses in order to step out of our comfort zones and not only face our fears, but find our playful side. When we can learn to let go of our expectations and our need to be perfect, these poses begin to take shape. So relax, take your time, remember that some of these poses take years to accomplish, and above all, have fun!

Here are some teaching points for bakasana:

• Start in down dog and walk your feet closer to your hands

• Bend your elbows and knees

• Climb your knees one at time onto the backs of your arms

• Draw your belly up and in, and reach your chest forward

• Slowly lift one foot at time off of the floor

• Continue to reach your chest forward and spread your toes

• Hold for a couple of breaths

• Have fun!

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