Toni Kuhn

A Second Chance


Last night my husband and I attended a wedding of a close friend of ours from high school. It was such a beautiful and genuine wedding. The love and energy surrounding the bride and groom was extraordinary. We went to high school with the bride and had witnessed her life and death struggle the last 12 years. She had severe kidney failure and desperately needed a kidney transplant. She had been on the waiting list for years and was literally at the maximum for dialysis treatment. She needed a donor as soon possible or she would die. Then one day, she met a guy on line and after 3 months of dating he offered to donate a kidney. He was a match and they did the surgery right away. Last night, I had the honor of seeing these two get married. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I had tears of joy the whole time. My friend is not only alive and well, but she is starting a new life with a man who is absolutely wonderful and cherishes her. He said he was the lucky one. She lit up the room with her pure love for life. We left with a new respect for life, for love, and for second chances.
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