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Before I dive deep into my blog with yet another humorous take on our pandemic life, I feel I must take a moment to speak seriously about the social movement that is happening. Globally we are standing together in the Black Lives Matter movement. I have been reading, talking it out and trying to really understand racism. My daughter’s fiancé is black and we have had some deep conversations. They have shed some light on things I was not aware of and I have just now learned how deeply afraid black people are. No one should live in fear for their lives. No one should ever have to worry about getting to work safely or have anxiety just seeing a police officer nearby. I ask that you take the time to try and really understand what is happening. It is way deeper than police brutality.  Have those conversations and educate yourself. Knowledge is the first step in making a change in the world. 

So many things have changed in our world over the last 3 months. This pandemic has changed how we go about our daily lives, and to keep our sanity, we must find the humor in our situation as we stumble through our new way of life. From face masks, brain fog and virtual exercise, our way of living has changed forever.

Face masks are an essential part of our wardrobe now. Many public places require us to wear them, and let’s face it (pun intended!) they are our first line of defense for this virus.

  • You can now buy face masks to match your outfit. They even sell them in a set with bikinis so you can be color coordinated at the beach!
  • I love the fact I can walk around and not worry about having food my teeth! There is nothing worse than coming home from an outing and discovering that big piece of broccoli in your teeth! Now I don’t even have to check my teeth.
  • I have been practicing smiling with my eyes. I have a ways to go with this, I still come off as creepy!
  • I feel very bad ass with my facemask! It is like I am strong like a super hero!
  • I also start to channel my inner doctor when I am wearing one. I actually feel smarter in my mask!

Brain fog has become a household word. So many times I find myself smacking my forehead and saying, “what was I thinking?!”  

  • Right now there is a shortage on chicken and the lunchmeat I normally buy has been hard to find. Earlier this week I was at the deli and I received the bad news they did not my chicken. I was devastated because this a staple for me and I am still on a very limited diet. I stared at the deli clerk stupefied for so long that she actually asked me if I was okay! When I got home I told my husband what happened and he said “Why didn’t you just get roast beef?” DUH! Smack the forehead again! I can totally eat roast beef! Brain Fog strikes again!
  • Last week I showed up for an appointment an hour early. The worst part is that the place I was going to sends out email and text reminders a zillion times! Additionally, I had it on my calendar at the correct time. And yet, somehow I still showed up an hour early! Once again, smack the forehead!

Virtual yoga and exercise have become the norm. I surveyed my virtual students and just about everyone said they preferred doing the classes in the comfort of their home. (Me too!)

  • I love not having to drive to the gym! It is so convenient teaching from home. I don’t know what I am going to do when I actually have to drive to work!
  • I especially like that I don’t have to worry if I smell bad! You know that feeling when you’re doing a sweaty workout and you smell something funky and turns out to be you!  
  • I discovered I love not wearing thong underwear. (Hey, I know that’s personal, I will keep it PG!) No one can see my panty lines and I am way more comfortable. Ladies, you know what I mean!

Overall I have been doing great. I have my ups and downs like most of you. I am glad summer is here and I spend time out on the lake on my paddle board. Remember to take time for yourself and find things that make you smile! We are all in this together.

Lastly, I have been Zooming along with my yoga and fitness classes. Click here if you want to see my Summer Special on my yoga classes. I am thinking about adding a Zoom Balance & Core Class on Thursday’s at 8:30am. Drop me a note if you are interested.

Here is a 3 minute video I recorded for you just saying hello!

Have a great day!



  1. Loved your virtual hello and hug; it was nice to hear and see you. I was just in Northern CA visiting my grandchildren; I now have 3. They live in Granite Bay not far from Sacramento. Maybe I will see you sometime when I go to visit them again.

    Take care of yourself ….namaste!

  2. Toni, thank you for the thoughtful black lives matter discussion. Bringing national awareness of systemic racism to a peak may be an unplanned good outcome of the Trump presidency. I have been working a lifetime to shed my prejudice. I know there are more to be discovered.
    Karen and I really miss your yoga classes and hope we will soon be practicing together again. namaste, Stan

    • Hi Stan,
      I hope to practice with you guys too! I will be continuing to teach on line for a while. I am not sure if know this already, but I have 2 yoga classes that are virtual on Zoom for CACfit. I teach Wednesdays and Friday;s at 9am. The Friday 9am class is the same class that I taught on Fridays at 4pm. It is tennis ball release. If you want to check it out just go to the CACfit website.
      Hope to see you both soon!

  3. Thanks so much for you recent posting. We are in a new environment with Covid19, Zooming, Masks and BLM issues. Never did I think we would still be having to deal with all of this and now we need to have some serious discussions on this ugly thing called racism. As a person of hispanic background, I’ve seen it, been exposed to it and so I get it. Also loved the chuckle about the Thong, LOL. I for one amso happy you are doing the Zoom Mat Fusion classes. You have definitely challenged us and I am so happy with the workouts.

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