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June 20, 2016
by Toni

Hope Flow for the Orlando Fund

Good Afternoon!
I will be doing a special “Hope Flow” themed class at Yoga Works in Valencia, this Thursday 6/23 at 6 am. This class is intended to raise money, awareness and support for the One Orlando Fund.
You can drop off a donation at the studio even if you cannot attend my class. Not a member, but you would like to attend? Message or text me and I can give more information on how you can attend.Yoga for Healing and Hope | Practice for Orlando | YogaWorks
Practice for Orlando We are deeply saddened by the horrific events that occurred in Orlando last weekend. We are dedicating classes in each region to support

May 20, 2016
by Toni

Guided Meditation- Connecting With Nature

Diconnectedrect contact with nature can soothe us and elevate our mood. Unfortunately, most of us work inside all day and have limited time to spend outdoors. The good news is that your mind is capable of remembering the sight, sound and textures of nature.  Here is a short meditation to help you reconnect and find calm in your busy life.

  • First sit comfortably or lie down on the floor.
  • Take a few moments to find your breathe.
  • See the inhalation and exhalation.
  • Feel the rhythm of your breathe, like the rhythm of the ocean.
  • Feel the connection of your body to the earth.
  • Allow your self to feel safe and to let go of any of life’s pressures you may be experiencing.
  • Let the earth support you.
  • Imagine the roots of a strong oak tree deep in the earth.
  • Acknowledge the strength and beauty of the tree.
  • Now imagine you plant your roots deeps into earth.
  • You feel grounded and in control.
  • Embrace the connection to your tree.
  • Invite your heart to open and the mind the let go of stress.
  • Stay in this space a few minutes.
  • Continue to ride the wave of your breath.
  • Plant the image of your tree in your mind.
  • Picture your tree anytime you need to reconnect to nature and to yourself.
  • Slowly deepen your breathe and begin to open your eyes.
  • Sit here again for a few moments as you process the world around you.

DSCN0001If you are looking for ways to physically connect to nature sign up for one of my yoga retreats. Spend a day in the mountains enjoying the clean air and beautiful trees. The early bird rate is $60.00 for the day, which includes 2 yoga classes, lunch and a hike/activity. I am taking reservations for my yoga retreats July-October. Just click on the links below to see the schedule, and July flier.

Schedule May- October

July 16 2016 Retreat Flier




April 23, 2016
by Toni

Accept Yourself/ Almond Milk Recipe

white giraffewhite giraffe2

I was watching Conan this week he and mentioned that a rare white giraffe was found in Kenya. I had to check this out! When I found the article on line and saw her picture, I immediately felt a kinship with this unusual animal. As she stood out in the heard,  she looked even more regal than traditionally colored giraffes. I began to wonder if she knew how different she was? I mean,  do the other giraffes tell her how different she is?

I have always felt that I stand out among my fellow yoga teachers. I am larger than most of my colleagues and much more curvy. I am not fat, but I do not look thin like they do.  I always feel insecure when I am around them. This mostly stems from my being anorexic during my teenage/early 20 years, and a life long battle of poor body image. Additionally, I have always felt like an impostor as a yoga teacher. This is greatly due to just one colleague (about 8 years ago) telling me I was not a “real yoga teacher” because I had different training. Then,  just a year ago,  I had another colleague tell me that I was not a very “spiritual” teacher. I admit, these two comments still plague my mind,  but I am learning to accept myself. I am learning to accept myself as a unique person. I am learning that my style of yoga teaching resonates with certain people and that I am spiritual teacher in my own way. I am learning to stay true to myself and to continue to teach from my heart.

As I continue to look at this gorgeous white giraffe, I am reminded that I cannot change my physical appearance, and I must learn to coexist in a world where I tend to stand out.

Here is what I have been doing to accept my self.

  • I practice mindfulness
  • I watch my inner monologues
  • I let go of self criticism
  •  I continually study and grow as a yoga teacher.
  • My mantra is ” I accept my body’s size and limitations”
  • I let go of the things that do not serve me ( this is hard, but awareness is the first step)

” Embrace and love your body, it’s the most amazing thing you will ever own”

“Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.” ~ Buddha

We must all accept ourselves in all our beauty, all our glory, and all our imperfections. Allow yourself to stand out, be proud, be the white giraffe in your community.


P.S. here is my almond milk recipe. It is easy to make and yummy! It is vegan, gluten free, and preservative free. Enjoy!

Vanilla Almond Milk

April 10, 2016
by Toni

Giraffe – A True Yogi

“Walgiraffe 2k away
from anything
that gives you
bad vibes. There
is no need to
explain or make
sense of it, it’s
your life.
do what makes
you happy.”

Giraffe Love


My friend Jodi sent me this picture and quote. It is yet another reason I am so drawn to this magnificent creature. Giraffes are very spiritual and  I truly believe that they are yogic creatures as well. They are vegetarians and communicate with their eyes. Their beauty and grace mesmerize me. I always feel peaceful when I look at pictures of giraffes or have the opportunity to visit one.

Here is an excerpt from an article about giraffes.

Giraffe Symbolizes:

  • Prayer
  • Flexibility
  • Intuition
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Big Goals & Possibilities
  • Vision & Foresight
  • Gentleness & Kindness

Giraffe Power Animal

Invoke Giraffe as your Power Animal when you need help with matters of honor, respect and gratitude. Giraffe has a very strong personal code that it lives with pride (but not ego).

Walking with Giraffe energy keeps your head held high and others will respect the dignity you exude.

Giraffe Spirit gifts you with the confidence to know that you are doing the right, best things.

Finally, Giraffe reminds us how to fully appreciate what we have and give without expectation of returned favors. Just like tall Giraffe, this brings our souls closer to the heavens.

March 16, 2016
by Toni

More Yoga Retreats

We have had a lot of snow and rain up here in the mountains. It has left us with the most beautiful scenery! I just had my first yoga retreat of the season and it was amazing. My home studio made it very cozy and everyone was able to relax and lounge around in my living room while they enjoyed the great IMG_1075views! Here is what a couple people wrote about the retreat:

“Thank you again for such a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and fun day. I enjoyed myself very much. Everything was perfect. I look forward to the April Retreat!”

“Thank you for the wonderful day and the chance to make new friends.”

If you would to spend a relaxing day in the mountains doing yoga, eating delicious food and getting recharged, come to one of my retreats! I have added the last three dates of retreats for this year.

Here is the schedule from April through October. Schedule April- October

Email me at to sign up.

Have a beautiful day!

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming. Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it to be truly called yoga, its essence must be embodied.”Aadil Palkhivala



March 8, 2016
by Toni

New Yoga DVD, Yoga Retreat Update & Gluten Free Bread Recipe

pmc village

This is a picture of our village after the snow storm yesterday. I feel so blessed to live in a postcard! This Saturday’s Yoga Retreat is going to be absolutely breathe taking! My retreats are selling out fast, so if you are thinking of attending one,  contact me right away. Below is an updated schedule. Please note that March and May are sold out. The best way to reach me me is by email at

Schedule March-July

Additionally, I have finished Yoga DVD # 4. This DVD has a softer approach to yoga and is designed to relax and rejuvenate you. All of the poses are done on the floor and the sequence includes breath work, stretching, relaxation and meditation. A great DVD to add to your collection to help relieve stress and stretch out your body. Contact me via email or in class to get a copy. They are $5.00 each and I can mail you a copy for an extra $3.00 shipping and handling fee .

Lastly, I have found an easy gluten free, yeast free bread recipe. I use Egg Re-placer instead of eggs to make it vegan. And guess what? This bread is delicious toasted with peanut butter , jelly or vegan butter! I was so surprised that this recipe even worked in higher altitudes. Yummy! Enjoy!

yeast free bread


February 10, 2016
by Toni

Yoga Retreats









Last year my yoga retreats were a big hit! I was so excited to share my home and community with so many great people! It was an incredible experience and I was honored to have hosted these amazing, relaxing, soul searching days.

This year my retreats are starting a little earlier! Below is the schedule through July and the flier for April. More yoga retreats are planned for after July so please check my website regularly for more information. If you are interested in any of these dates please contact me via email Please note that March has already sold out!

Also, you can receive email notifications anytime I post new information by using the subscribe function to the right. →


Have a beautiful Day!

Love & Light.

Schedule March-July

April 9 2016 Retreat Flier





January 13, 2016
by Toni

Be Awesome

legoI cannot believe it is already the middle of January. It seems like yesterday I was planning for the holidays. Sometimes I feel like January passes us by too quickly. The first week we are still coming off the holidays and putting our house back together and then by the middle we are making resolutions for the rest of the year. By the end of the month we are wondering why we did not start the new resolutions! LOL. I have decided that instead of making all my resolutions in January, that every month I will take a closer look at myself and find small ways to improve my well being and happiness. Our needs, desires and bodies are changing all the time. Making a years worth of resolutions in one month does not make sense to me. I want to continue to grow as person and just be more awesome every day!

I hope to see you in one of my classes. I have been having my students plant seeds of growth. So far we planted the seeds of health and balance.  Come join me and learn how to plant, grow and nourish yourself to a happier, healthier, more AWESOME you!

Here are a few tips to help you be more Awesome!

  • Find time to pause and reflect on your life in the present moment. Make changes in your that serve you, not your ego. A smaller number on the scale is not going to make all your problems go away.
  • Eat healthy and exercise because you want to and because it makes you feel vibrant.
  • Do things that make you happy. Even if it seems silly or outrageous!
  • Bring balance into your life in simple ways. If you are constantly tired and run down, try going to bed a little earlier. If you feel like you have no time for anything, maybe you are trying to do too much. Look for ways to simplify your life.
  • Learn to say “no”. This is really hard for me, but I am finding that this two letter word had really helped me simplify my life.

I hope to see you soon. Click on the “schedule” tab to see when and where I am teaching.




January 7, 2016
by Toni

Snow Day = Happy Day

It has been snowing up at our house for a couple of days now. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Today my hubby and I went for long hike in the snow. This was my second test drive with my new walking sticks. I absolutely love these walking sticks and they help me so much with stability. Walking and hiking have been difficult for me and I have missed it so much.  I feel connected to myself again and I feel like I am in control of my arthritis. Now I can walk or hike anywhere! We met up with our friend Sherry and her very excited dog. Her dog was just running and sliding and rolling in the snow! Sherry’s dog was having so much fun and we really enjoy watching her play in the snow.

My friend Sherry and her very happy  dog

My friend Sherry and her very happy dog

We hiked from our house up to the top of Woodland street which is a very long hill. As I looked around I felt like I was inside a picture. It was so breath taking that we stopped just to process the beauty around us. It felt so good to be in the fresh air enjoying nature. When we got home my husband turned to me and said ” how did we get here?” This seems to be a question we both have asked on numerous occasions. I find myself answering with words like “determination” and “hard work”(or because of our friend Cindy). But it was so much more than that. We held true to our goals and utilized the love we have for each other and our family. We wanted to live in a place that was calm, close to nature and a slower paced lifestyle. I am still unsure how it all came together, but I am extremely happy that it did! I feel so much gratitude as I enjoy my snow days at home.

As I just finished writing this it started to snow again!

Here are some pictures we took on our hike.

At the top of Woodland

At the top of Woodland


A house at the bottom of our street


My Buddha Statue on the side of my house

My Buddha statue on the side of my house


side view of our deck




hike up Woodland



Up the trail passed Woodland to the Fallen Tree

Up the trail passed Woodland to the Fallen Tree











December 12, 2015
by Toni

Snow and Rainbows = Happiness

toni snow

This is behind my house. I got to wear my snow boots and winter jacket!

I experienced the most beautiful drive home yesterday.  It started out sunny and then when I got close enough to see the mountains I could see how low the snow fell. Then I could literally see the dark clouds ahead of me, it looked like a line had been drawn on the road. I saw a rainbow off to the right just over the hill that has the cross underneath it. ( I kid you not, it felt like a religious experience!) I looked ahead at the car in front of me and I could his car was lit up with colors. It took me a moment to realize the colors were coming from the rainbow. Then before I knew it, I was driving through the rainbow! My car was lit up in all the colors and I could see the rainbow on the road in front of me. I started to giggle and cry at the same time! It was so surreal to be driving through a rainbow. I hit some rain and hail and then it was clear by the time I  got off the freeway. As I am cruising along through the mountain roads I began to see how much snow actually fell. Everything was covered in white! It was a breathtaking drive and as I got higher up I saw more and more snow. Tears streamed down my face as I could not believe that I actually live here! When I pulled up to the house I was so excited to see our little winter wonderland. I opened the garage and my husband was waiting for me. I parked and flung open the door and ran to his arms. More tears ran down my face and I could barely speak. He asked what was wrong and all I could say was “It’s so beautiful”.

I am not sure why I had so an emotional response to this rainbow and the snow.  I was completely moved by it. I thought about my husband , my kids, my friends, my student’s and my mom. I felt so much gratitude for the life I have and my home. I guess I was so overwhelmed with joy that it consumed me. I definitely had an amazing experience and the one person I wanted to see right when I got home was standing there waiting for me with open arms. At that moment I knew how very blessed I was and I my heart swelled so much I thought it would burst!

There has been so much tragedy all around us. The news is filled with the horrible things happening all over the globe and right in our own neighborhoods. As we pause and send healing thoughts to those who have suffered, we must also pause to feel gratitude for all of the good things in our own lives. I hope that this season brings you moment like the one I had. A moment where time stands still , and you really see all the blessings around you.

Kuhn snow

The driveway

candy cane snowJPG

winter wonderland

Bugs Bunny snow

The driveway leading to the steps