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December 6, 2014
by tkuhn5792


I have been working on learning how to receive without guilt and to enjoy the generosity/sincerity of others. So many times I find myself speechless and humbled by the kind words and actions of my students. I am so happy that I am able to touch peoples life in such a positive way, yet I still feel inadequate at times. My mind shuffles through thoughts of “I am just doing my job””, or “I am just a yoga a teacher”,   and even ” Am I worthy of such gratitude and grace?” Recently a student posted a note on my website that stirred these thoughts again. Only this time, I stopped the shuffling and simply enjoyed her words. I let myself be open to them. And you know what? My heart swelled, my self doubt lessened, and I let myself receive her sincerity.

During the next few weeks, as you are busy preparing for the holidays, pause a moment and make sure your actions are sincere. Are you doing all of these things out of obligation or because you genuinely want to? And then, notice if you are receiving someone else’s sincerity with an openness and taking the time to truly appreciate their efforts. Try not to let the busyness of the holidays take away from the purity of what we give to each other.
SINCERITY sincerity-causes-the-smallest-of-good-yasir-qadhi

November 9, 2014
by tkuhn5792

Restoring Balance

You may find yourself trying to balance more things in your life as we enter the holiday season. In order to remain calm and happy, you must learn how to decide what to hold on to, and what to let go of. Ask yourself questions like:

” Do I really need to make such an elaborate meal for my family”?

“Do I really need to have so many people over for a meal”?

“Can I ask for help with hosting the party this year”?

“Why am I holding on to this anger and frustration with this person”?

“Why am I working so hard only to find myself exhausted”?

Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to entertain, host, and please our family and friends. Ask yourself if your are doing this out of obligation or the shear joy of it. If you find that you do enjoy it, but it is very hard to do on your own, ask for help. Split up the work and let some of the things go.

Sometimes we find that certain people in our lives cause us pain and frustration. This could be a family member or a friend. You have to decide if you want to hold on to the relationship or let it go. Remind yourself that you always have a choice in a relationship. No one has to stay in a relationship, even if it is a family member.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself very difficult questions to bring balance in your life. It is never too late.

  • Sit.
  • Contemplate.
  • Breathe.
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you and balance will be restored.

Rumi quote - letting go

October 26, 2014
by tkuhn5792

A Second Chance

Last night my husband and I attended a wedding of a close friend of ours from high school. It was such a beautiful and genuine wedding. The love and energy surrounding the bride and groom was extraordinary. We went to high school with the bride and had witnessed her life and death struggle the last 12 years. She had severe kidney failure and desperately needed a kidney transplant. She had been on the waiting list for years and was literally at the maximum for dialysis treatment. She needed a donor as soon possible or she would die. Then one day, she met a guy on line and after 3 months of dating he offered to donate a kidney. He was a match and they did the surgery right away. Last night, I had the honor of seeing these two get married. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I had tears of joy the whole time. My friend is not only alive and well, but she is starting a new life with a man who is absolutely wonderful and cherishes her. He said he was the lucky one. She lit up the room with her pure love for life. We left with a new respect for life, for love, and for second chances.
caryn wedding

October 2, 2014
by tkuhn5792

Remember Me

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my mother’s death and I find myself having dual emotions. I feel an aching in my heart because I miss her so much, yet my heart is full of love for my family and friends. I think this year is harder as it’s the first time my house has been empty. My youngest,  Brian if off to college and my oldest, Brianna is teaching college. ( talk about duality) My husband and I have never lived alone and we are truly enjoying our time together, yet both of us miss our kids. I find myself feeling sad and happy at the same time.

Mom and Brian

Mom and Brian

Today I am remembering my mother and feeling so much gratitude for all of the memories I have of her.

I remember when:

  •  You would laugh until you cried
  •  Your generosity
  • Your love for Pepsi and Lays potato chips
  • Your smile
  • Turning the music up and dancing
  • How much you loved to watch football ( Go Buffalo Bills!)
  • How much you loved Christmastime
  • How proud you were of your grandchildren
  • When I would hold your hand at the doctors
  • How you trusted me to help you with your medical care
  • How you never complained, no matter how much pain you were having
  • How you collected coins, dolls, & new dollar bills
  • Your love for shopping and a good sale
  • Our traditional Black Friday shopping- even in your wheel chair- and especially our last one where you able to walk again
  • Your love for Elvis Presley
  • The last time I told you I loved you


 “Love me Tender”, By Elvis Presley

Love me tender,
Love me sweet,
Never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfill
For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For it’s there that I belong,
And well never part.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfill
For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
Ill be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfill.
For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.








September 25, 2014
by tkuhn5792

Opening Your Heart

There are days when we feel the weight of the demands from our daily lives. We work to sustain our life style and to simply exist. But sometimes, we need to take a break from the hustle to open our hearts and just breathe. Ustrasna helps to open the heart chakra. Below is an excerpt from Chantal Nammour Biz’s article from Mystera Magazine.

“Known as the Anahata Chakra, the heart chakra is the center of our bodies, located in the center of the chakra line up, in the heart area between the nipples. It is the seat of our emotions, and the midway link between the material (the three lower chakras) and spirit (higher three chakras) worlds. The health of the Heart is imperative to our quality of life and survival on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The element of Anahata is air, and just like air, it has malleable qualities that allow it to rise, expand and energize. The Ustrasana or Camel posture is one of the corresponding postures to open up, expand, and empower your heart center, allowing it to breathe and be filled with love, the greatest healer of all.”

Opening the heart chakra  can be as simple as bringing your arms above your head and lifting the chest and breathing in all that good. Exhale your stress and bring your palms to your heart. Allow yourself to experience this moment of being connected to yourself. Feel your heart expand and welcome in love and peace.



September 13, 2014
by tkuhn5792


A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were taking a walk in Pine Mountain. We were enamored by the beauty of this place and each step we took made us feel more and more peaceful. As we were taking in the sights, I noticed this heart shaped rock on the ground in the front of someone’s home. I happen to collect heart shaped rocks and my first inclination was to take it home. I actually picked it up and carried it for a few moments. We began walking some more and a few minutes later we saw a deer. He was a full grown magnificent animal that took our breath away. As soon as he saw us a leaped, and I mean leaped, away. It was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw!  I began to understand that this was a sacred place and that I should respect it and put the heart rock where I found it.  It was like this rock belonged where I found it. So I took this picture of it, and put it back. I no longer felt uneasy and I actually felt completely at peace. I took this as a sign that this rock was meant to be seen by others so they too could experience it’s beauty and peace.  That’s why it was right there in front of someone’s home, in plain sight. Just like the deer was only meant to be seen for the briefest of moments. Deer sightings are extraordinary, so I feel blessed that I had the chance to cross his path and to see this amazing heart rock, all in 10 minutes. I believe the signs were telling me to appreciate all the beauty in my life and surrounding it.

Look around, what do you see? Are there things in your environment that are truly awesome and bring you peace?  The sunrise, the sunset, the ocean, or even the smiles of your friends and family.  Look around, see the the signs, and appreciate the beauty in your life.

Namaste. heart rock

September 10, 2014
by tkuhn5792

Mother & Daughter

Today is my daughter Brianna’s 25th birthday and I find myself reflecting back to when my mom was alive. My mother was very close to my daughter. They shared a bond that I envied sometimes. They loved to watch football and baseball on TV, they loved to draw and I would I often find them just hanging out enjoying each other’s company. I am so glad my daughter had so many precious years with my mom, yet I feel sad that my mom never got to see her as an adult. My daughter has become an amazing, successful adult and I see so much of my mother in her. They way she laughs out loud at silly things, her undying love for football, her compassion for others, and most of all, her generous heart. I feel so much love for my daughter and I am grateful that we have a closeness that only we can share. A mother-daughter bond that holds tight, forever. Below is a picture of Bri and me, and the other is my mom and me.

September 3, 2014
by tkuhn5792

Relax and Renew

After spending a couple of weekends at my friend Cindy’s cabin, I found myself feeling more peaceful and content. I feel renewed and ready to face my hectic schedule.

“Together with a culture of work, there must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way: people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music, play a sport.”- Pope Francis

“The only time I waste is time I spend doing something that, in my gut, I know I shouldn’t. If I choose to spend time playing video games or sleeping in, then it’s time well spent, because I chose to do it. I did it for a reason – to relax, to decompress or to feel good, and that was what I wanted to do.” – Simon Sine

It is a very simple recipe to relax and renew yourself.

1.Slow down.



4.Enjoy friends and family.

5. Let go of things that no longer serve you.


sunset doug and tonihike in pines jpgyoga pines namesteyoga in pines tree cindy



July 6, 2014
by tkuhn5792

July Special

Summer is in full swing and for many of us we are enjoying some much needed down time. As our bodies rest and our minds clear we find ourselves wanting to try something new like yoga, or deepening our yoga skills. This week I am going to try to learn more about Iyengar  Yoga and begin taking some classes.

With my new inspiration to practice yoga for my own needs, I decided to help others who may have been thinking about a change.  I am having a special offer of 10% off any private yoga lesson package. This discount can be used with the senior discount or regular student discount.  Just click on the private lesson tab to contact me for prices and information. This offer is good until July 18, 2014.

Get out there and try something new, or do something just for yourself. I promise, you will enjoy it!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

special offer

June 24, 2014
by tkuhn5792


 Summer is officially here! It is the time of year for vacations, playing outside, and spending time with family.

It is also a time for reflection and relaxation. Try spending just five minutes a day to be in stillness. Whether you are siting outside enjoying the weather, or taking a break at your desk. Pause for a few moments and allow your breath to be even and without effort. Simply being present moment by moment, breath by breath. Notice how the chatter in your mind seems to dissipate. As your body remains still, the fluctuations of your mind will cease. It is here that you may find the solution to a problem,  a lost object, or the ability to let things go.

As you begin to enjoy your summer, make time for stillness and everything in your life will be enjoyable!

Happy summer everyone!

If you would like to schedule a private lesson, just click on the tab to contact me!

I look forward to seeing you in class.  : )