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June 27, 2015
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My birthday

Today is keep-calm-i-m-blessed-its-my-birthday-lovin-lifemy 46th birthday!  Birthdays are not about presents and cake- although who does not enjoy both! It is about taking a moment and celebrating life, love & happiness! The most precious things I have received are the sincere, loving birthday wishes from so many wonderful people. Your words have touched my heart and mean so much to me. As I am taking a moment to reflect on all that is wonderful in my life I realize how rich I am in love, friendships, family, and yoga/fitness students.

I am grateful for …….

My loving, supportive, amazing husband.

My beautiful, smart, compassionate children ( young adults actually!).

My supportive, thoughtful friends.

My great family.

My dedicated yoga/fitness students.

My beautiful mountain home.

My job. I get to teach yoga and fitness to so many different people. I have developed friendships and loving relationships. I feel so honored to be able to share my knowledge with others and to have the opportunity to learn from them too.

My mother and the time I had with her. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She is why I am here today and she is the reason I try to help people. I learned so much from her and she always loved unconditionally and with her whole heart.

My sustainability. I am so grateful that I have enough food, clothing, shelter, and that I live a comfortable life. I work hard, and I know I have earned it, but at the same time I am grateful to have it. So many people have come upon circumstances beyond there control and have lost everything. I feel blessed.

Happy Birthday to me!

Come celebrate life and happiness with one of my yoga retreats. I have one spot left for July 25 and I just started taking reservations for Aug 22.

Toni’s Independence Retreat Toni’s Serenity Retreat

Toni’s Serenity Retreat



June 20, 2015
by tkuhn5792


ganehsaLord Ganesha is the master of wisdom and knowledge. He is the remover of obstacles, and guardian of beauty, prosperity, grace and compassion. Lord Ganesha is the first deity to be reverenced in Hindu rites. He is a guardian of doors of houses and temples. He is the God that removes the internal and external obstacles of our success, and he is the one that grants the opening of your spiritual gifts. He is also the protector of all beings.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” is one of the mantas of Lord Ganesha. I find a lot of peace and comfort with Ganesha. Also, this mantra has become one of my favorites. I always feel cleansed, clear headed, confident, and ready to face anything after saying this mantra. As Mc Yogi put it, “Ganesha is a yogi’s best friend!”

A very loose translation of this mantra:
Om = Salutations! Everyone wake up!
Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh. It is his “seed syllable” or bija mantra.
Ganapataye = Another name of Ganesh, the breaker of obstacles.
Namaha = Yo! Ganesh! You da God!

The pronunciation is also pretty easy:
Om = ohm or aum
Gam = Somewhere between “gahm” and “gum”. In some dialects it is “guhng”.
Ganapataye = gah-nah-paht-ah-yeh
Namaha – nah-mah-hah

In my yoga classes this week we have been discussing jumping over obstacles. Sometimes this can be very hard to do, especially if your obstacle is fear. Perhaps you can try tackling smaller obstacles and then moving on to bigger ones. If you take a leap of faith, you never know what you might find just past your obstacle. I used to be very afraid of doing headstands. I did not have the confidence to hold my body weight and I was terrified of being upside down. One day a yogi friend of mine sat with me and gently guided me through the steps of the pose. She kept reassuring me and encouraging me to go at my own pace.  It took several months, but when I let go of my fear of the pose, I was able to go up into it. And now I enjoy it and can balance without using the wall.

I used to be afraid to drive a a windy roads. Now that I live in the mountains, I have no choice! I am no longer fearful of these curvy roads, but I actually enjoy them. So I guess sometimes just plunging through your obstacle can help you over come it too!

Whatever path you choose to take, whether facing the obstacle head on, chanting a mantra, praying, or getting guidance from a friend, I hope that you can find ways to over come your obstacles and perhaps find joy just past them!

 If you are looking to get away from it all and take a mini vacation. I have two spots left in my July 25 Independence Yoga Retreat and I have just opened up registration for my August 22 Serenity Yoga Retreat. Clink on the links below to see the fliers.


Toni’s Independence Retreat

Toni’s Serenity Retreat

June 15, 2015
by tkuhn5792

June 13 2015 Wine Retreat Play List

Name Artist
Ganesh Mantra II (Group Chant) Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe
Beyond This Moment Patrick O’Hearn
Verse Rhye
Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey
Work Song Hozier
Green Mountain State Trevor Hall
Preacher OneRepublic
Maybe Ingrid Michaelson
For What It’s Worth (The Voice Performance) Sawyer Fredericks
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Extreme Party Animals
What Is It (feat. Sean Kingston) Baby Bash
Ganesh Is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal) MC YOGI
Let the Rhythm Just (feat. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo) The Polish Ambassador
See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) Wiz Khalifa
I Lived One Republic
Better Together Jack Johnson
Like I’m Gonna Lose You (feat. John Legend) Meghan Trainor
Cherry Wine (Live) Hozier
Make It Rain (From Sons of Anarchy) Ed Sheeran
O (Hidden Track) Coldplay
Chakra App (Mind Body Connection) Antigravity Yoga

June 6, 2015
by tkuhn5792

Baby Animals That make You Smile

This week I posted a picture of a baby giraffe on my Face Book page and I got such a great response from people. It appears that everyone always smiles at a cute baby animal picture! So I thought I would gather a few and try to brighten your day!

Sometimes life can be so busy, demanding, and often frustrating or upsetting. I invite you everyday to find something visually that makes you smile and feel joy! Maybe its rainbows, the beach, the mountains, or even pictures of baby animals. Find something that takes the pressure off of your life,  even for a moment. When we take the blinders off from our busy life and look around the world and truly see how magnificent it is, the pressures of our everyday lives dissipate.

If you would see truly see how big the world really is, you can watch this short video from Spacex. Below you will find a link to see a camera attached to the fairing after separating from the rocket and falling back to earth. The earth is so beautiful and awesome. Take a peek!

Smile everyone.



baby tiger


pictures-of-cute-baby-animals panda baby giraffe baby squirrel Baby-owl cute-baby-animals-baby-monkey elephant sloth

May 24, 2015
by tkuhn5792

Giraffes Practice Ahimsa

I absolutely love giraffes! They are beautiful and magical. Giraffes are non violent, very family orientated and live in groups. Maybe this is why I am so drawn to them. They have an innate sense of the world, spend a lot time with other giraffes, and try to live a calm and peaceful life. Sound familiar? All they need now is a yoga mat!

Here are some fun facts about giraffes that I thought you would enjoy.

  • Giraffes walk by moving both legs on one side of the body and when they run they swing their legs in unison like most mammals.
  • They sleep less than two hours a day.
  • Females carry there babies for 15 months and give birth standing up.
  • Young giraffes hang out in nursery groups until they are around 5 months old, resting and playing together while their mothers forage in the distance.
  • The average height of a giraffe is 16-18 feet.
  • They spend most of their day eating and consume over a  100 pounds of twigs and leaves a day.
  • Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up, including sleeping and giving birth.
  • No two giraffes have the same spot pattern.
  • Giraffes are peaceful, sociable animals,  and rarely fight.
  • In New Age religion the giraffe is a symbol for intuition and flexibility.







giraffe sunset






Looking to relax, be sociable, enjoy nature, and find some peace? Sign up for one of my up coming yoga retreats! I host my retreats right out of my home in the mountains. Space is limited and spots have been filling up fast, so don’t delay, contact me to register.

Toni’s Wine Retreat

Toni’s Independence Retreat


May 9, 2015
by tkuhn5792

Mother’s Day 2015- A Dedication To My Kids

Hawaii 1/2014

This Year for Mother’s day I want to thank my two beautiful children for being the best kids a mom could ask for. The years have gone by so fast and now both of you are fine young adults. Instead of missing your youth, I find myself enjoying your young adulthood.

Brianna, my sweet little baby girl, you have grown into such a beautiful, smart, kind, generous, and compassionate young woman. I am so proud of your accomplishments in your career and relationship with Jordan. You are an amazing college professor and a wonderful girlfriend to Jordan. Your love for learning, dedication to teaching, and compassion for people shows in everything you do.

Brian, my sweet little boy, you have grown into such a well adjusted, smart, handsome, and kind young man. You are an amazing musician and I am so proud of how well you handled your first year of college. You and Gabby survived your first year apart and you both handled your long distant relationship very well. It makes me proud to know you are a stand up guy and a very genuine person.

I want you both to know how much I love you and I am looking forward to enjoying your adulthood with you. Thank you both for being the best kids a mom could ask for. I love you both.

Happy Mother’s day to me!


Bri and Brianna our old house just being built 7/1998


Bri and Brian last time at old house 11/2014


Bri and Brian Christmas party 2013


Me, Bri and Brian Christmas 1998


Me, Bri and Brian Ventura beach 2012


me and Brian soccer team party 2001


Me and Brian UC Davis orientation 2014


Me and Brianna her 3rd birthday 1992


Me and Brianna 2013 Birthday dinner


April 29, 2015
by tkuhn5792

Yoga April 2015 playlist: “Songs from Movies and More”

Here is my latest yoga playlist. Enjoy!

Also please note that my May 16 yoga retreat is sold out. I am taking reservations for my June yoga retreat. You can download the flier below for more information.

Toni’s Wine Retreat

Yoga April 2015 playlist: “Songs from Movies and More”

Name Artist
Once Upon a Dream (Maleficent) Lana Del Rey
Young and Beautiful (Gatsby) Lana Del Rey
Possibility (New Moon) Lykke Li
Come Away to the Water (Hunger Games) Maroon 5
All of the Stars (The Fault In Our Stars) Ed Sheeran
Breath of Life ( Snow White & Huntsman) Florence + The Machine
See You Again (Fast & Furious 7) Wiz Khalifa
Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix) Kasper Bjørke
Control Kevin Garrett
We Remain ( Catching Fire) Christina Aguilera
I Know You (From The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Soundtrack) Skylar Grey
Trouble (The Voice Performance) Sawyer Fredericks
Artifice From the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Movie Trailer 3 (Cover Version) The Action Band
Buddha’s Enlightenment (Kundalini Yoga) Shakuhachi Sakano

April 26, 2015
by tkuhn5792

June 13 Yoga Retreat

PMC Village Toni’s Wine Retreat

I am so excited to schedule my second yoga retreat! The date is Saturday June 13, 2015  10am-5pm.

Once again I will be hosting my retreat out of my Pine Mountain home. As you emerge yourself in the scenery you will be able to relax and unwind from your busy life. We will have yoga, meditation, pranyama , and we will visit the famous Pine Mountain Club Wine festival. Click on the link above to download the flier.

April 15, 2015
by tkuhn5792

Color Therapy

View from my office

View from my office

Lately my color has been green. Perhaps it is because I moved to the mountains where I am surrounded by trees. I find the color green is very soothing and when I look outside my window and see the vibrant green trees, I feel relaxed and peaceful. Weirdly, I had painted the walls in my bedroom of the old house green. Now in my new house the walls are white, but I am surrounded by big windows which allows the green scenery to be seen from every room of my house! Interesting… What color do you gravitate to?

This is the article that I read in my Tuesday yoga class.  I wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Color Therapy

Loving the Light

by Madisyn Taylor

Often the colors we like best are the colors we most need in our lives and provide us with subtle vibrational help.

The wondrous displays of color that define the world around us are manifestations of light and, as such, each possesses a unique frequency. The attraction we feel to certain colors is not a matter of pure chance—we experience the beneficial affects of color even while blindfolded. We are naturally drawn to those colors that lift our mood, expand consciousness, and restore health. Color therapy, also known as chromo therapy, allows us to harness the power of individual color frequencies to heal the body, positively influence our emotions, and achieve a renewed sense of inner harmony through sympathetic resonance. Colors do not directly affect the composition of our physical, mental, or aura, but they noninvasively alter the vibrational characteristics of diverse elements of the self so that each resonates at its proper healthy frequency.

It is easy to overlook the colors that saturate our personal and professional environments. Yet these, whether in the form of the paint on our walls or the clothing we wear, can influence our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings to an extraordinary degree. The colors we like best are often those that we need most in our lives, and there are many ways we can utilize them. Basking under a colored lightbulb or gazing at an area of color can stimulate or calm us depending on the color we choose. For example, red stimulates the brain, circulatory systems, and first chakra, giving us an energy boost, while blue acts on the throat chakra, soothing the body and mind. And when we do not feel drawn to any one color, we can still benefit from the healing effects of white light, which is an amalgamation of all the colors of the visible spectrum. It is a cleansing color, one that can purify us on many levels.

Human beings evolved to delight in vivid sunsets and rainbows, to enjoy the sensations awakened by particularly eye-catching color, and to decorate our spaces and ourselves with bright colors. In essence, we evolved to love the light because of its harmonizing influence on every aspect of the self. When we pay attention to the potential affects of individual colors, we can modify our spaces, wardrobes, and habits to ensure that we introduce the colors that speak to us most deeply in our everyday lives.

April 11, 2015
by tkuhn5792

May 16 Yoga Retreat

August 2014 yoga at cindys

August 2014 yoga at Cindy’s PMC home


yoga during our hike 2014

I will be having my first yoga retreat up at my new home in Pine Mountain Club. It is going to be an amazing day that will allow you to reconnect with yourself and leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. There will be yoga for all levels, meditation, relaxation, pranyama, and the famous Pine Mountain Lilac Festival.

Click on the link below to down load the flier.

Toni’s Mountain Retreat