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Toni’s Zoom recordings and DVD’s

Recorded ZOOM Class Video Links. To purchase follow the step below.

To purchase a video link follow these steps.

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Zoom video recordings from 2020

  • April 10 “Therapeutics” Deep stretching and myofascial release with tennis balls. We will also use breath work, yin stretching and meditation to release even more tension in the body. You will need 2 tennis balls, 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket.
  • April 7 “Chair Yoga” In this class we will utilize the chair to work on strength, alignment and balance.
  • April 4 “Slow Flow Yoga & Meditation” Slow flow yoga allowing space in each pose to breathe and get deeper into the mindset and the physicality of the poses. We will open practice with a mediation, have a longer Savasana and end with a meditation.
  • March 31 “Being Present” Zoom Yoga “Being Present”- flow with Sun Salute A and grounding standing poses. Modifications will be given. I recommend 2 blocks and a yoga strap.
  • March 28 “Yin Yang” Yoga Yin and Yang practice. We will begin with a warm up of Slow Flow and then move right into Yin yoga.  Yin Yoga is a practice of stillness as we hold poses that stretch the body deeply. I recommend 2 blocks and a yoga strap.
  • March 24 “Happy Hips” Zoom Yoga “Happy Hips”- strengthen and stretch your hips and psoas. I recommend a yoga block and a yoga strap.
  • March 21 Zoom Yoga Slow Flow yoga- a slow moving flow class with a little longer holds in the poses.
  • March 17 Zoom Yoga Core strengthening, balance poses and pigeon. Our affirmation is “I am safe. I am healthy. I am calm.”
  • Zoom Yoga March 3 Surrender with Child’s Pose. Gentle yoga with stretching and relaxation.

Yoga DVD’s from 2015-2017

Toni’s Yoga DVD’s- $5.00 each (with shipping add an extra $7.00). I can put my videos on a flash drive that can be plugged into a Smart TV or a computer. Price varies so contact me for more information.

Please use the contact information to place your order.


DVD 1- Standing poses and core work- Breaks down standing poses and focuses on alignment, plus an AB workout.

DVD 2- Wall poses and balance- Uses the wall for alignment of poses and balance. (Can be done without a wall too)

DVD 3- Buddha & Sun Salute A- Breaks down Sun A and uses Buddha pose to build leg strength.

DVD 4- Relax & Rejuvenate- A yummy relaxing sequence with stretching, restorative poses and guided relaxation.

DVD 5- 30 Min Flow-  Vinyasa flow with standing poses. Great when you only have a short amount time.

DVD 6- Chair Yoga- Use a chair for proper alignment and stability.

DVD 7- Yin Yoga- A practice of stillness and mindfulness as we hold stretches long periods of time.