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Toni’s Fitness Stimulus Package:

My monthly passes will stay at $40.00 per month! (original price was $50.00)

Save $10.00 on monthly passes!

Monthly pass includes: Access to all of my classes, inspiring emails, 2 recorded video links to classes, “friend’s free week” at the end of the every month, 1 audio meditation link and a FREE 15-minute private mini lesson with me via Zoom.

Class Schedule

Tuesdays- 8:30am “Yoga Flow“- Vinyasa flow, standing poses and stretching

Thursdays- 8:30am “Balance & Core“- This is a fitness class with balance, core and strength exercises with free weights

Fridays- 9:15am “Relax & Renew” – Restore and renew your mind & body with deep stretching, breath work, relaxation and meditation

Saturdays- 8:30am “30X30” – 30 minutes of my fitness format of Balance & Core followed by 30 minutes of deep Yin stretching

Two options to sign up.

1. Monthly Passes– Pay $40.00 for the full month of classes.

2. Drop In– Pay a $5.00 drop in rate attend any one individual class. Just click on the arrow in the payment box to see the $5.00 drop in rate option and make a note of the date you are attending class.

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Please note there are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

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