Toni Kuhn

Toni’s Yoga DVD’s

Toni’s Yoga DVD’s- $5.00 each (with shipping add an extra $5.00). I can put my videos on a flash drive that can be plugged into a Smart TV or a computer. Price varies so contact me for more information.

Please contact me your order and address if you are having the DVD shipped to you. 


DVD 1- Standing poses and core work- Breaks down standing poses and focuses on alignment, plus an AB workout.

DVD 2- Wall poses and balance- Uses the wall for alignment of poses and balance. (Can be done without a wall too)

DVD 3- Buddha & Sun Salute A- Breaks down Sun A and uses Buddha pose to build leg strength.

DVD 4- Relax & Rejuvenate- A yummy relaxing sequence with stretching, restorative poses and guided relaxation.

DVD 5- 30 Min Flow-  Vinyasa flow with standing poses. Great when you only have a short amount time.

DVD 6- Chair Yoga- Use a chair for proper alignment and stability.

DVD 7- Yin Yoga- A practice of stillness and mindfulness as we hold stretches long periods of time.