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Moving To Pine Mountain Club


Yesterday at the gym I made the announcement that I am moving to Pine Mountain Club on February 14.  I am giving up my Sunday classes so that I can enjoy my new home with my husband on his days off from work. I have been teaching on Sundays for over 15 years and it is time to take them off. One of the places I teach at has a two class minimum and so in giving up my Sunday class, they said I could no longer have my Friday class unless I picked up a second class with them. As of right now, they don’t have anything that fits my schedule,  so February 8 is my last class there. This was a very hard decision for me and I agonized over it for a long time.  I am very sad to give up my Sunday & Friday classes  and I will miss  my gym family very much.  Thank you all for the years of dedication to my classes and for making my job so much fun.

On a good note,  I will still be teaching in the Santa Clarita Valley. I will be teaching down here on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I will be keeping all of my other classes and may be adding more from other facilities. As of right now I will be teaching at Yoga Works, Total Women, and Princess Cruise.  I will still be seeing my private clients out here and up at my new home. Additionally, I will be hosting Wellness/Yoga Retreats out of my new home! Look for more information on that in the Spring.

You can contact me through this website, Facebook or cell phone. My email on my business card may be changing with the move, but I will be sure to add the new one Facebook. I am pretty sure I will be keeping my gmail account so you can reach me at this email address too.

Thank you all for the love and support during this transition in my life. I am very excited to begin a new chapter in my life with my family.

Here are some pictures of my new home. Maybe you will come up for a visit!


View from upper deck

View from upper deck

drive way

drive way


Toni & Doug  New home, new Mini in the snow

Toni & Doug
New home, new Mini in the snow

View from the lower deck

View from the lower deck

View from our bedroom

View from our bedroom

New home at subset

New home at sunset


  1. all so beautiful! I wish you health, joy, peace, and happiness in your dream home!

  2. Congrats on the beautiful new home! It looks so peaceful.
    I will miss your Sunday classes a lot. They were the one thing I looked forward to every week. But I wish you all the best. And I hope to incorporate your Friday class into my life soon. 🙂

  3. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see it!! Love and hugs!!

  4. Beautiful place for a beautiful lady. Congrats Toni! xoxoxJanet

  5. Toni- I am so happy for you! What a gorgeous new home! Please keep me posted on your yoga retreat- I would be very interested! May God bless you and your husband on this new journey!

  6. Toni I was so moved by your announcement at class the other day. You have been a true blessing to my life, in friendship and yoga! I know I’ll still see you around (I’m glad that you aren’t going far), and I’m super proud of the life decision you and Doug made! Your new home is beautiful! Congratulations! xo

  7. Congratulations ! Beautiful home I am very happy for you and your husband. I will miss you. I have learned so much from you not only in yoga but making me feel good. Thank you for sharing yourself and always making me feel yummy! I always leave your class happy and content. Bless you.

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