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This Saturday I will be giving the first workshop in my Yoga for Arthritis Series at Yoga Works in Valencia. In this workshop I will teach you how to utilize a chair to enhance yoga poses and to use the chair to help support your poses to accommodate your arthritic needs. Additionally, I will teach you how to stretch right in your chair at work. In just five minutes you can stretch and breathe to help you get through your day. Below are three things you can do right at your desk.

So instead of reaching for that afternoon fix of caffeine or sugar, try these simple stretches.

Seated Twist– Sit tall in your chair with both feet touching the ground. Inhale reach both arms above your head, exhale and slowly twist to one side. Place your back arm on the arm of your chair and front arm on your thigh. Hold 5 breaths and slowly unwind the body. Repeat the twist on the opposite side. See the picture above for a variation with crossed legs.

Seated Forward Fold– Sit tall in your chair with both feet touching the ground and have your legs a little wider than your hips. Inhale reach both arms above your head, exhale and slowly fold forward over your legs. Allow your upper body to rest in between your legs. Let your arms float freely towards the floor and allow the crown of your head to reach towards the floor. Hold five breaths and roll back up slowly. Sit upright with your eyes open for a few breaths to avoid getting dizzy.

Seated Relaxation– Turn off your computer screen. Sit tall in your chair and close your eyes. Quiet your mind by letting go of all the things you need to do. Pause and just breathe. You may try a simple deep breathing  exercise cycle. Breathe in a count of three. Pause. Exhale slow and controlled until your air is completely exhaled. Pause. Now allow your breath to be effortless for a few moments. Repeat the cycle two more times.

Enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. Well done Toni … I feel very strongly that as yoga teachers we must include our whole community. Many of my students are well over 50, some of whom are awaiting or have just had replacement surgery. If any of my chair yoga poses would help, please use them :

    I hope the workshop goes really well 🙂


  2. Thank you. The workshop is going well. I agree that we need to pay attention to whole community as yoga teachers. Even our younger students may suffer from chronic pain and/or arthritis. Chair yoga is great for all ages and abilities. It is one of my favorite yoga props!

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