Toni Kuhn

July 26, 2015
by Toni

Feeling Free

Yesterday I gave my third yoga retreat out of my home. It was a magical day filled with many emotional break throughs, love, happiness, and feeling free of our daily constraints. There was a lot of feelings being expressed in tears, laughter, … Continue reading

Test video

July 19, 2015 by Toni | 3 Comments

I have faced one of my biggest fears and finally recorded a mini video of myself. I am very camera shy so this is a huge obstacle for me. One of my clients has asked me to make a video for her to use as a home practice for herself. I must admit I went into panic mode at the thought of being in front of the camera! So I just went for it and did a test run! The next step of facing my fear is to publish it, so here it goes! The quality of the video  is not the best as it is from my phone. When I actually make the video it will be with a good camera with my mountain view behind me.